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Sorcero’s platform captures the knowledge within technical documents to significantly boost team performance on mission-critical workflows.

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Sorcero's Language Intelligence Platform (SLIP)

We are building the first Natural Language Understanding (NLU) platform designed to develop an understanding of the technical language patterns as they are used within a particular industry, enterprise, or workflow. The goal of our platform is not to simplify complicated information, but to provide a framework to support the inherent complexity in critical industries where accuracy is essential.

Sorcero’s Language Intelligence Platform (SLIP) is a knowledge management solution that empowers technical experts with the ability to develop and deploy knowledge from all the data in their technical content.

Sorcero delivers state-of-the-art language intelligence solutions to enterprises by providing the necessary level of accuracy and sophistication required to leverage all their data and expertise.

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Medical Guidelines

claim claim-dark

Claims Processing

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Financial Brokerage

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Technical Knowledge Transfer


Roche: Adapting Medical Guidelines to the Digital Age

Roche, the world's largest biotech company, needed a solution to track how changes in medical guidelines were affecting their Medical Decision Trees (MDTs). Using Sorcero's Language Intelligence Platform, Roche was able to identify changes from ongoing updates in medical literature, reducing the need for time-consuming reviews by medical doctors. 


Reducing inefficiency and boosting revenue

Sorcero enables insurance companies to improve their data workflow for more accurate, fast, and intelligent claims processing. Our language intelligence platform reduces the need for human review, auto-extracting key data fields, and comparing them against historical claims documents within the context of how they use anthologies and lexicon. This not only saves time and also increases the accuracy of the claims review workflow to reduce leakage and recoup revenue.


Building a Knowledge Base for Financial Markets

Financial brokerages need an easily interrogatable knowledge base of the complex rules surrounding business protection, investments, and retirement and estate planning. Sorcero's Language Intelligence Platform combines industry and enterprise-specific ontologies to allow advisors to find specific answers to their queries regarding tax or a legal treatments. Building a digital knowledge base will help independent financial advisors give the best and most accurate advice to customers.

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Enhancing Learning Modules For Critical Skills

There is more need than ever for skilled workers, but the physical limitation of actual classroom space creates a bottleneck in the training pipeline. Sorcero’s Language Intelligence Platform makes remote training programs more effective by moving to a competency-based system that provides insight into the quality of training being provided. Our intelligent applications provide enhanced support to students, instructors, and learning centers, while facilitating training sessions that adhere to all relevant rules and regulations.

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