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Feb 8, 2019 5:46:53 PM
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New Sorcero white paper examines cognitive computing uses for Medical Affairs

Sorcero, a rising cognitive technology company, has published a new white paper that discusses the challenges facing Medical Affairs in the new digital world. The white paper focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for Medical Affairs and, more specifically, how cognitive computing can augment and streamline a variety of Medical Affairs workflows.

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Scarcely an industry exists that has not been caught up in the AI revolution and pharma is no exception to this trend. However, within pharma the uptake of AI has been much greater among data-intensive teams, such as clinical and R&D, then it has by more knowledge-intensive groups, such as Medical Affairs.

Nonetheless, experts agree that due to shifting healthcare provider (HCP) interaction paradigms, Medical Affairs teams are facing unprecedented demand for frictionless access to highly personalized, unbiased content and medical information. At the same time, Medical Affairs has the responsibility to ensure the accuracy of all medical communications.

“The challenge for Medical Affairs,” said Dipanwita Das, Founder, and CEO of Sorcero, “is that most of the AI and machine learning (ML) solutions on the market today offer a ‘black box’ approach to automating workflows. Obviously, such an opaque approach is not well suited for the majority of Medical Affairs functions.”

Sorcero, on the other hand, is a cognitive computing platform which, according to Das, “is much more transparent and collaborative than other types of AI.” She said, “Sorcero has the power to really change the way Medical Affairs approach knowledge.”

According to Das, Sorcero’s core cognitive technology is built around an advisable knowledge engine designed to surface meaningful, contextual answers, coupled with a powerful validation workflow. She added, “Sorcero offers Medical Affairs a unique approach to everything from creating personalized learning pathways for new hires to providing just-in-time answers to internal and external stakeholders.”

Specifically, the white paper examines how Sorcero’s cognitive computing platform can augment and streamline six different Medical Affairs workflows, including:

  • Professional learning and development

  • Medical information and communications

  • Personalized stakeholder interactions

  • Immediate access to information

  • Content research and management

  • Measuring engagement, performance, and KPIs

In conjunction with the release of the white paper, Sorcero has introduced the Medical Affairs Pilot Program (MAP Program). The MAP Program offers 60- to 90-day pilots to Medical Affairs groups interested in trialing the platform.

Medical Affairs Pilot Program

To learn more about the program, visit or contact Sean Smith, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy at

About Sorcero

Developed by MIT Media Lab veterans, Sorcero is a cognitive technology company that augments human knowledge and performance. Sorcero combines proprietary AI with the best features of search, chatbots, and virtual assistants to create a whole new approach to engaging with medical knowledge that supercharges employee performance and insight.

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