Plug And Play Startup Creashpere Spotlights Sorcero's Collaboration With Roche

Jul 13, 2020 6:44:00 AM


Plug and Play Startup Creasphere today spotlighted Sorcero's collaboration with Roche, the world's largest diagnostics company. Jorge Rubio, Roche's Senior Porject Leader of Digital Health Solutions, praised the benefit's of Sorcero's Language Intelligence technology. 

"Sorcero’s Natural Language Processing Suite is helping us to automate the maintenance of medical guidelines," said Rubio. "With Sorcero’s technology, we can rapidly identify changes in new versions of medical guidelines and we can adapt smart testing algorithms accordingly."

Sorcero CCO Richard Graves explained how Sorcero enabled Roche to build an intelligent process for its medical guidelines.  

“Sorcero applied it’s Language Intelligence Platform to be able to apply layered understanding so that we could look at everything from oncology to neuro-psychiatry to apply that to those medical guidelines and be able to go into those medical decision trees and say: things that were added and reduced, symptoms, treatments, and diagnostics, and match that together,” said Graves.

Roche engaged Sorcero through the Plug and Play Tech Center, which selected Sorcero for its Life Sciences, InsurTech, and Enterprise 2.0 accelerator programs.


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