Plug And Play Tech Center Features Sorcero In Video Series

Dec 17, 2019 3:57:00 PM


Plug And Play Tech Center today featured Sorcero in its 'Saving Lives' video interview series. 'Saving Live' explores the insights and innovations of startups that are transforming patient care.  

Learn More About The Language Intelligence Platform for Mission-Critical Workflows in Insurance & Life Science

"For healthcare, really we are focused on improving operational outcomes," said Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das, "What that means for us is we believe that the information that life science companies send out to healthcare providers, to payers, to patients, to other stakeholders, is mission critical to improve the quality of overall care."

"Our platform allows them to do that," continued Das, "Both at scale, but also by having complete transparency into the AI they are using."

Sorcero was selected earlier this year to participate in the Plug and Play Tech Center accelerator programs. 

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