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August 12, 2021

Sorcero Employee Spotlight: Chris Carciello

We recently had the opportunity to interview Technical Program Manager Chris Carciello about his interests, experience working at Sorcero, and future aspirations. Here is what he had to say.

Elizabeth Venafro (EV): I was hoping you could tell me about your background experience prior to working with Sorcero.

Chris Carciello (CC): I started out as a computer hardware engineer and then I got an MBA. After that, I got into the finance industry and worked for many years at big banks and consulting companies putting together transformational programs. I was a project manager implementing major process changes and technical changes. My most recent experience was at Rabobank where I had the opportunity to take on an intelligent automation center of excellence. I led that from the start and matured it over the years.

EV: I heard you recently participated in IA Select and that was a result from your most recent experience leading the intelligent automation center of excellence. Can you tell me a little about what that is and your involvement with it?

CC: IA Select stands for “Intelligent Automation” Select and it's a cross-functional networking group across industry. It focuses on the use cases for how we can use digital to drive business value.

EV: I can see how that certainly relates to Sorcero, as well. I'm curious, what was it that attracted you to our company?

CC: I was in banking for many years, and I was looking for a change. I really wanted to stay in the intelligent automation field, but I was interested in life sciences and healthcare, because those are the types of industries that make a difference to society. Based on my background in change management, project management, program management, and now intelligent automation, I thought Sorcero was a great fit. It involves the science and technology sectors that I was looking for.

EV: In your role as a technical program manager, can you tell us about your day-to-day?

CC: I focus a lot on product delivery and customer onboarding. In product delivery, I deal with the process of product structuring and maturing, so that product requirements get to engineering. With customer onboarding, I deal with how to get a customer request to configuration to go live and maturing that process.

EV: Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

CC: I still see myself contributing to these types of technological advancements and I still want to be in the life sciences and health industries. In five years, I expect myself to learn a lot more about these industries.

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Elizabeth Venafro
Elizabeth Venafro Elizabeth is a B2B and B2G modern marketing technologist with experience at small and large organizations across diverse industries. Prior to joining Sorcero, Elizabeth was the Director of Marketing at Omnilert, pioneer of the next generation in emergency management, and Unison, the leading provider of acquisition management software to government agencies and contractors. She also co-founded and was the managing partner of the Konvergent social engagement platform, as well as the Director of Global Marketing Communications for medical device manufacturer K2M (acquired by Stryker) from start-up through IPO. Elizabeth graduated magna cum laude from James Madison University with a Bachelors in Business Administration and is the proud wife and mother of two girls.


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