Bringing AI into Classroom

Challenge: A Washington DC-based nonprofit that provides inclusive tech training to thousands of adults wants to augment its classroom training with online learning support tools that will help all of its students master material faster and retain knowledge longer. 

Solution: A whole new kind of digital learning solution that allows students to find answers to their course-related questions quickly and easily using their phone or computer. With Sorcero, students can find the answers they want both inside and outside the classroom. Sorcero measurably improves student engagement and lowers attrition rates.


Taking the Classroom into the Field

Challenge: A technical trade union with hundreds of thousands of members wants to use AI to improve and streamline its training so instructors can prioritize hands-on teaching. Moreover, it wants to turn its instructional material into an accessible lifelong resources for its members while out on job sites.

Solution: An AI-powered system that accelerates traditional classroom learning for students and provides trusted answers to members in the field. Sorcero’s inquiry-based training solution identifies gaps in knowledge, ensuring a higher percentage of students are prepared for hands-on training, and that graduates produce a more standardized, higher-quality work with fewer costly mistakes.


Online Teaching at Scale

Challenge: A US-based online learning company that awards more than 100,000 students with technical nanodegrees annually. With a high student-teacher, ratio the company wants to reduce the burden on overwhelmed instructors without sacrificing student-teaching interactions. 

Solution: A program to answer common questions with approved answers and direct students to the relevant part of the course material for answers. Over time, Sorcero reduces instructor Q&A time by 50% without impacting the student experience. As a result, instructors feel reduced stress and greater job satisfaction, and students get better, more detailed responses when asking difficult questions.


Technology Built for Changing Workforce

Challenge: A Fortune 500 manufacturer seeking to upgrade its internal LMs with AI-native learning platform designed for the workplace. The company wants to cultivate a more agile workforce better prepared to respond to ongoing trends in technological innovation.

Solution: Rethink the way enterprise knowledge and training is developed and shared, not just utilizing AI capabilities at a surface level, but built around that functionality at its core. Sorcero’s advanced artificial intelligence creates a smarter training ecosystem that adapts quickly to new priorities and reduces training time by 20%.