Language Intelligence Understands
Scientific Content
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Transforming domain understanding into a service, the Sorcero Language Intelligence technology platform empowers companies in Life Sciences to create applications that understand medical and technical language at scale.

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The Life Sciences rely on technical content that general-domain Artificial Intelligence cannot understand.

Language Intelligence applications can understand you on your terms:

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Learn Why Language Intelligence is the Key to Transforming the Operating Models that Define the STEM Economy

Imagine natural language processing that can understand your domain, your enterprise, and your job, in all their complexity. Research finds that such technologies play crucial roles in dynamic times that demand dynamic solutions. Sorcero explores the shifts in the turbulent business landscape that require a new kind of intelligence to resolve mission-critical challenges: Language Intelligence.

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The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform enables enterprises to meet the challenges of the inherent complexity of medical content and language.

The platform is built to support experts with the kind of demanding jobs where human judgment will always be required.


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Adapting medical guidelines to the digital age

Roche, the world's largest diagnostics company, engaged Sorcero in a pilot program as part of 2020 Startup Creasphere to develop a system that tracks ongoing changes in medical guidelines. Using unique Language Intelligence technology, Sorcero quickly built a solution that empowers Roche to automatically identify and analyze the latest updates in medical guidelines, reducing the time spent on medical review.

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Sorcero's extensible, scalable, open-source unified ingestion framework

Sorcero has released Ingestum, a unified content ingestion framework designed to easily extend and scale the ingestion and preparation of data. Ingestum ingests content in from any file format into an AI-native format designed to make the analytical workstream flexible, powerful, and easy.

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Language Intelligence for IVDR literature monitoring

Don’t just get in compliance, get ahead with Sorcero's revolutionary Language Intelligence for IVDR post-market surveillance. Users are seeing 1000% accelerated workflows with added accuracy and consistency, transforming overworked teams overnight--all with an auditable system of record that will be in compliance with inspections from Notified Bodies.

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