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Compare Module

Empower your regulatory submissions team by taking any file type, from PowerPoint to web-based scraped content, and learning if there have been any language changes, new implied usage, or non-compliant documents in minutes.


Quickly identify regulatory updates.

Stay compliant with evolving regulatory requirements by identifying and extracting relevant information from various sources and file types.


Increase Productivity

Quickly and easily compare medical content to increase productivity tenfold.


Maintain Compliance

Identify language changes, new implied usage, and non-compliant documents in minutes.


Accelerate Submissions

Set parameterization to review updates most relevant to your submission.


AI-powered comparison.

Sorcero’s Regulatory Compare Module for Regulatory Affairs enhances medical content review with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to quickly and easily track context changes. Literature tagging is applied to any source or file type, from PowerPoint to web-based scraped content. Parameterization of a functional group within a body of text identifies the most relevant updates.

- Literature tagging
- Parameterization
- Content recommendations
- Visualization
- Any source or file type


The latest resources delivered.

Stay on top of the latest from Sorcero’s resource center.


Explore other medical affairs modules.

Sorcero’s platform leverages advanced algorithms and disease-focused ontologies to organize and understand how language is used in Life Sciences. That means you can gain clarity with faster document review, analytics, and insights from thought leaders across therapeutic areas all over the world.


Monitor: Pharmacovigilance

Stay one step ahead of the changing regulatory environment and keep your products compliant with your personal AI assistant.

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Analyze: Med Affairs 360

Analyze: Med Affairs 360

Mitigate compliance risk and regulatory burden with a strategic view of approved, in-process materials, and publications in one easy-to-use dashboard.

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