Sorcero Solution

Shorten the path to knowledge fluency

Sorcero is the workforce knowledge and learning solution that helps employees find better answers, faster, with all the simplicity of asking a question—directly in their workflow.

How Sorcero Works





Sorcero dramatically boosts productivity by making enterprise knowledge and learning immediately available, directly in your workflow

Sorcero makes it easy to organize, verify and deliver critical information from across the organization

Further, Sorcero lets managers answer questions once, while building a verified, up-to-date knowledge base that’s available to all





It starts by asking a question, right on your phone, tablet or computer over Slack, SMS and the Web

Sorcero delivers just-in-time answers buried in your organization’s systems, drives, courseware and other knowledge sources

The conversational interface encourages users to react the answers with simple feedback, comments and sharing features

Managers can monitor the flow of questions in real-time, validate responses, respond to inquiries, and improve answers with easy edit functions

Also, Sorcero dynamically curates a just-in-time knowledge base that gets smarter the more it's used


Bridging the Gaps




Let us show you how Sorcero shortens the path to knowledge fluency

See for yourself how Sorcero can help you:

  • Build a smarter, happier, and more productive workforce
  • Provide your team with immediate answers
  • Automatically align marketing and sales messaging

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