Automating Communications with Healthcare Providers

Challenge: Medical affairs team for leading pharmaceutical wants to provide US-based healthcare providers (HCPs) with access to company-approved medical communications letters via SMS and Web App.

Solution: Ability for US-based HCPs to ask questions about treatments (via SMS or Web interface). Sorcero provides answers from company-approved medical communications letters, returning bullet-point summaries and links to letters. The natural language interface understands and clarifies HCP inquiries to provide the correct medical letters—every time.


How to Successfully Merge Two Company Cultures

Challenge: A Fortune 500 manufacturing company with 30,000 global employees has acquired a competitor with 8,000 workers and wants a dynamic online knowledge solution to respond to questions and help employees quickly adapt to the new culture, procedures, and protocols.

Solution: An interactive online interface that understands employee questions and can automatically provide meaningful answers. Sorcero provides a one-stop solution that answers any and all questions relating to the merger. Employees get instant answers to their questions, freeing up valuable manager time and quickly identify unmet employee needs.


Fusing Technology with Human Expertise

Challenge: International Consulting Giant with dispersed high-talent workforce wants a more seamless way to share knowledge across teams and bring consultants up to speed faster on new projects.

Solution: A dynamic knowledge ecosystem that captures institutional knowledge by practice group and makes it easily accessible to all team members via Web App, Slack, or email. Sorcero provides teams with an easy-to-manage platform for gathering, preserving and sharing valuable knowledge and insight from one project to the next.


Building the Workforce for the Future

Challenge: A US-based renewable energy company preparing to enter a new region needs to train a large team of recently hired solar panel installers to properly install its new technology. Additionally, product changes and redesigns require frequent updates to training and installation materials.

Solution: A mobile-friendly learning solution that gives employees access up-to-date answers at the point of work. Sorcero’s inquiry-based training solution not only delivers knowledge exactly when and where it’s needed, but it also cultivates initiative, self-directed learning, and problem solving—the skills that employees need to be resilient and adaptive in a fast-growing industry.