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eBook: How to Build Great AI-Powered
Products for Life Sciences

Check out this insightful eBook based on our recent podcast mini-series

Sorcero's CEO and Co-founder, Dipanwita Das, interviews individuals working in key roles across the medical transformation. On the front lines, are the medical affairs teams who have taken up the life sciences mission and now shape the adoption, appropriate use, and novel applications of therapies once they are on the market. In these conversations, the importance of medical affairs is articulated by Donna Holder from Daiichi Sankyo International, a highly innovative cancer treatment company, and Luca Dezzani, M.D., one of the best-known global medical affairs executives from the world’s largest life sciences company, Johnson & Johnson. Jacob LaPorte from Novartis BIOME also addresses these questions in another rich conversation. We discuss innovation and what makes a great product for the life sciences market.
The series also addresses the critical issues of health equity and ethics, both AI-related and not. Alice Choi of McCann Health discusses how people working in healthcare can improve equity through better clinical trial design and how the advent of decentralized trials is enabling a move toward more equitable healthcare. On the investor side is Tara Bishop, GP at Black Opal Ventures. As a physician-turned-software-entrepreneur-turned-venture-capitalist, Tara addresses the need for diversity and representation in VC, as well as in entrepreneurship, if we want to build a more equitable healthcare system.
The sixth and final conversation with Kevin Novak, Rackhouse VC and former AI leader at Uber, is equal parts informative and hilarious. We discuss the positioning, pitching, and building of AI-powered products. With this collection, we hope to give insights to product managers, life sciences innovators, medical affairs professionals, and investors about where the market stands and what technological innovations can really make an impact.
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