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Generative AI for the Accessibility of
Clinical Trials and Medical Publications
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In Life Sciences, time spent waiting for answers costs millions in lost opportunities and lives. Better, faster decision-making requires Insights discovery at speed and scale. Sorcero Clarity is an enterprise AI-powered medical analytics solution purpose-built for Life Sciences.

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Sorcero Clarity Platform

Eliminate data silos. Accelerate medical insights discovery. Measure your impact. Sorcero products are designed to help life science teams know more, faster. We help you measure and track the impact of products, therapies and published research on patient outcomes and understand where risks, gaps or new opportunities exist.

Sorcero Clarity supercharges field medical engagement, competitive intelligence, publications monitoring, research, and scientific literature review. Our secret sauce is AI-powered natural language understanding and machine learning, tuned for the unique terminologies and complexities of medical content.



Transform how Medical Affairs teams work with point-and-click data exploration, evidence collection, and automated recommendations in support of Insights discovery. No more cutting and pasting into spreadsheets and manually categorizing observations. No more trying to "work around" manual tags built into your collection system. It’s all done for you.

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Ask questions, get answers. It's that simple. Across the world's corpus of medical content, we surface the most relevant, impactful articles, data, and conversations relevant to your work. We also track and measure the impact of your scientific publications over time. No more data wrangling, tab-hopping, paywalls, or outdated impact scores. Just real-time situational clarity.

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A dashboard speaks a thousand words - it can help you narrate an Insight, illustrate trends over time, or provide real-time tracking of metrics that matter to you. We've aggregated and enriched the data for you. All you have to do is point and click to build, save and share your own interactive dashboards.


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Sorcero Clarity is the Life Science industry's leading omnichannel analytics solution, using text analytics and machine learning for speed and scale. Unleash the full power of your Medical Affairs teams.

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