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Sorcero AI Platform for Medical Affairs teams.

Our products unify and enrich unstructured and structured data across disparate sources, with advanced biomedical AI, enabling teams to make confident decisions with a complete view of healthcare data.

Intelligent Publication Monitoring

Sorcero IPM

Intelligent Publication Monitoring. Ask questions, get answers. It's that simple. Across the world's corpus of medical content, we surface the most relevant, impactful articles, data, and conversations relevant to your work. We also track and measure the impact of your scientific publications over time. No more data wrangling, tab-hopping, paywalls, or outdated impact scores. Just real-time situational clarity.


iSLR-home-page graphic

Sorcero iSLR

Intelligent Systematic Literature Review. Power teams working on efficacy, safety, and value evidence efforts by increasing the scalability of evidence generation. Via collaboration tools and AI-enhanced workflows, give your teams the high-quality evidence they need to inform strategic decision making and product adoption.


Medical Insights Management

Sorcero MIM

Medical Insights Management. Transform how Medical Affairs teams work with point-and-click data exploration, evidence collection, and automated recommendations in support of Insights discovery. No more cutting and pasting into spreadsheets and manually categorizing observations. No more trying to "work around" manual tags built into your collection system. It’s all done for you.



Sorcero PLS

Plain Language Summaries. Our proprietary technology helps you develop high quality AI-assisted auto-generated PLSs at the click of a button. Our secure, validated AI-powered workbench generates PLSs that are more readable and can access an audience 600% more broad than manual summaries, cuts down writing costs by 60%, and are ready in hours, not months.




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Sorcero AI Platform is the Life Sciences industry's leading omnichannel analytics solution, using text analytics and machine learning for speed and scale. Unleash the full power of your Medical Affairs teams.

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