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About Sorcero

Our mission is to transform scientific industries with a Language Intelligence platform that captures the knowledge and expertise contained within mission-critical content by building a framework that understands domain-specific language in context.

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Embracing Complexity,
Delivering Greater Capabilities

STEM-based industries such as life sciences & insurance gain competitive advantage by better understanding large amounts of complex information written in domain-specific language. Our goal is to empower experts in these fields to better understand the full complexity of the content in their domain by equipping them with our Language Intelligence platform.
The point of our approach is not to simplify complexity. Instead, we provide an infrastructure that makes sophisticated industry- and domain-specific content more navigable, accessible and deployable.

Inspired By Classic Works Of Science Fiction

Sorcero was initially inspired by our team’s decades of experience in digital transformation, as well as by two classic works of science fiction. Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy taught us that asking the right question was essential to finding the right answer. Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age gave us the concept of a highly personalized guidance device, the Primer, which harnesses the power of AI to give humans the ability to achieve things they never could have done on their own.

Expert Augmentation,
Not Outright Automation

The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform is designed for experts in the most demanding roles, whose high-value tasks need human input. Rather than fully automating workflows, our platform augments expert understanding. Language Intelligence allows domain experts to build off their own knowledge, integrating the information in their head with the understanding contained within the massive amounts of content and documents critical to their work.

Because ∑ (human + AI) > human | AI alone.



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