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The Sorcero Language Intelligence (LI) Platform empowers experts in Life Sciences with a deeper understanding of scientific, regulatory, and clinical content.

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Turn Large Volumes of Scientific Content From Your Greatest Challenge Into Your Greatest Asset

In scientific industries, the sheer volume of content written in domain-specific language represents a difficult challenge. The Sorcero Language Intelligence (LI) Platform understands how these terms and phrases are used in context, transforming unstructured content into a format that is optimized for Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

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Language Intelligence Is Driving Digital Transformation in Life Sciences and STEM Enterprises

Augment Expertise To Improve Patient Outcomes

The Life Sciences sector is fundamentally driven by the mission to improve patient outcomes. Whether it’s transforming the literature review process for medical guidelines or building a knowledge base for enhanced collaboration across labs, Sorcero’s Language Intelligence (LI) Platform delivers better outcomes for both patients and your bottom line.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Medical Affairs

While AI is a hot topic in the life sciences sector, the role of AI in Medical Affairs is often overlooked. At the same time, Medical Affairs itself is expanding and gaining importance, thus increasing the need for more sophisticated digital support tools. To learn more, download the white paper.

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How Language Intelligence Works for Customers

The Sorcero Language Intelligence (LI) Platform has a wide variety of applications for customers in life sciences and STEM. Learn more about what LI is accomplishing across the globe.


Extracting Valuable Insights

The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform understands industry- and company-specific language patterns to augment the expertise of life science professionals. Intelligent Literature Monitoring accelerates the tedious manual review process, increases productivity, and provides a deeper understanding of complex, scientific content.


Ensuring Compliance

Leverage Sorcero Language Intelligence to proactively collect, evaluate, and document post-market performance data to ensure In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Regulations (IVDR) and Medical Devices Regulations (MDR) compliance.


Tracking Change In Complex Medical Guidelines

Sorcero's LI technology has the power to track the changes in medical guidelines over time and in varying geographies, enabling enterprises to quickly adapt their decision-making to new information as it becomes available. Roche, the world's largest diagnostics company, engaged Sorcero for this application, which led to successful digital automation of the company's medical guidelines review process, increasing productivity by tenfold.  

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