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Illuminate Actionable Insights From Complex Medical Data

The Sorcero AI Platform revolutionizes how Life Sciences companies ask – and answer – their most critical medical strategy questions


The World's Most Innovative Companies of 2024 Sorcero Named #1 in Small & Mighty Category
Leading life sciences AI platform recognized for accelerating patient access to breakthrough therapies, joining the ranks of Nvidia, YouTube and more.


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Sorcero transforms scattered medical data into high-quality insights that provide teams with instant access to the information they need to improve and save patient lives

With Sorcero, Medical Affairs can quickly advise doctors on the optimal treatments. Payor teams can instantly analyze usage trends to inform pricing. Regulatory affairs can monitor changing safety signals as drugs launch and enter the market – and so much more.
Rapidly surface relevant
sources & evidence


Sensitivity in Detecting Relevancy

Drive medical strategy
with confidence


Boost in Accuracy & Productivity
to Identify Relevant Evidence

Unlock more value from
existing data


More Insights

Human + AI > Human or AI Alone

The Sorcero AI Platform

The Sorcero AI Platform uses advanced, medically-tuned AI to unify and enrich unstructured and structured data across every pertinent source – from internal locations like CRMs to external data like claims and published research. Sorcero’s suite of AI products bring these insights to the surface so teams can answer important medical questions, scale the development of accessible plain language summaries, and accelerate literature reviews. 
Medical Insights Management

Unite & structure complex medical data to instantly find high-quality insights that drive medical strategy

Intelligent Publication Monitoring

Tap the industry’s largest repository of published research to extract key evidence & monitor trends in real time

Plain Language Summaries

Automatically generate high-quality, accessible summaries to scale writing, and drive engagement

Intelligent Systematic Literature Review

Streamline & automate literature reviews to collaborate on decisions rooted in the highest-level evidence

The Industry’s Largest Pool of Scientific Data

Sorcero connects to every major data source that Medical Affairs teams use. Tap into millions of public records and bring in data from internal sources like CRMs to augment public information with internal insights.

Biomedical Abstracts
Full-text Articles
Smart Citation Statements
Enriched Knowledge Graph Publications
Author & KOL
Identity Graph
Sources & Publishers
1,000+ Biomedical Ontologies

Sorcero powers teams that rely on high-quality evidence

Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory teams are the unsung heroes of medical innovation, committed to enhancing patient care. Sorcero provides these groups with unique capabilities for generating actionable insights from diverse data sources – driving product adoption and boosting patient outcomes with precision and confidence.
  • Medical Affairs
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Regulatory

Medical Affairs teams rely on Sorcero to boost their productivity, generate evidence, manage insights, and transform their medical strategy with real-time advanced analytics across the therapeutic landscape.

Sorcero empowers Pharmacovigilance teams to stay on top of adverse events post launch, and monitor evolving safety trends across the vast and rapidly growing medical data landscape.

Sorcero recognizes the central role regulatory affairs plays in ensuring compliance and patient safety, especially in today’s complex regulatory landscape. Sorcero helps regulatory affairs teams facilitate literature surveillance and generate accessible clinical trial lay summaries.

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Our platform is recognized for innovation and excellence, earning prestigious awards across the industry that showcase our longstanding commitment to advancing Life Sciences through AI.    See Full List arrow