Language Intelligence
Domain Understanding For High-Value Decisions

The results of Language Intelligence can look like magic, but behind the wizardry is a  powerful platform that creates new possibilities for developers and users who work with medical and scientific content.

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Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform

The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform offers the ability to develop, manage, and deploy AI-driven applications using scientific content. Sorcero is building the first Natural Language Understanding (NLU) platform designed to deliver an understanding of the scientific content as it is used within a particular industry, enterprise, or workflow.

The goal of the Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform is not to simplify complicated information, but to provide a framework to support the inherent complexity in the content of life and health insurance or life sciences companies. Processing updates that inform physicians of important changes to medical guidelines that determine outcomes for patients, for example, is about finding appropriate solutions, not simplifying existing ones.


Delivering Language Intelligence Applications for a Shifting Information Landscape

Decisions often require an understanding of frequently updated content. Evaluating the importance of changes to that content are important to decision making.

The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform rapidly enriches that updated content and allows these updates to drive the flow of content into applications. This enrichment is a self-improving entity, powered by that flow of the content.

This entity is only one example of Language Intelligence.



Matching the Complexity of Medical and Scientific Content with Next-Level Technology

Domain by domain, enterprise by enterprise, user by user, Language Intelligence makes sense of scientific content. Language Intelligence provides pipelines for the ingestion of content into AI native formats.

The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform provides APIs, microservices, and a low-code/no-code development environment that acts as a scaffolding for building AI applications never before possible.


Understanding Language Intelligence Through Definitions 

Applications reliant on Language Intelligence create new possibilities for developers and users with scientific content.

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