Language Intelligence Platform

Analyze Scientific Content at Scale

The results of Language Intelligence can look like magic, but behind the wizardry is a  powerful platform that creates new possibilities for developers and users who work with medical and scientific content.

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Augmenting Domain Expertise

The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform is designed specifically for life sciences and STEM enterprises, empowering them with immediate access to credible information to augment stakeholder expertise and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes.


A Shifting Data Landscape

Critical business operations rely on scientific content and the volume of content is increasing exponentially. Employees are unable to work at the pace, accuracy, and scale required today.

  • Compliance teams cannot easily monitor all of the information about their products
  • Medical guidelines, which inform critical medical decisions, are impossible to manage at scale
  • Medical affairs teams are unable to process all of the real world evidence they need to monitor for insights

Sorcero's Language Intelligence platform makes it possible to keep up and to excel.



Next-Generation AI Applications

Language Intelligence provides pipelines for the ingestion of content into AI native formats. The platform provides APIs and a development environment that acts as a scaffolding for building AI applications never before possible.


Understanding Language Intelligence

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