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White Paper

A Comprehensive Guide to Responsible AI for Life Sciences

Discover the importance of a purpose-built AI framework and solution that helps life sciences companies successfully adopt AI and mitigate risk. Learn how Sorcero, Google, and USDM are partnering to deliver a joint AI solution for life sciences that addresses this critical need.

AI for LifeScience White Paper Sorcero


Life sciences companies are drowning in a sea of healthcare data. From clinical trials to physician interactions, valuable insights are scattered across fragmented sources. This manual approach can't keep pace with the exploding growth of healthcare data, especially in unstructured formats like conversations.

This whitepaper explores how Generative AI (GenAI) can revolutionize how you discover insights, leverage untapped data, and ultimately deliver better patient outcomes.

Download now and learn how GenAI can:

  • Unify your data landscape: Break down silos and extract insights from all your data sources.
  • Mine conversational intelligence: Unlock the hidden gems in patient and physician discussions.
  • Accelerate discovery and development: Find the needles in the haystack and bring better treatments to market faster.

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