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Intelligent Systematic Literature Review – Sorcero iSLR™

Faster Literature Reviews, Maximum Quality

Streamline and automate the literature review process to collaborate on decisions rooted in the highest-level of evidence

78% of payer coverage decisions use SLR methodology – making quality & speed key

Systematic literature reviews (SLRs) are crucial for producing top-tier evidence that informs decisions across Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory, and more. Unfortunately, manually conducting SLRs can take anywhere from 6 months to multiple years to complete; without up-to-date SLRs, teams struggle to make time-sensitive decisions around clinical needs, regulatory demands, safety concerns, and payer coverage. To power high-quality and unbiased decision making across the organization, teams need a more efficient approach for creating, collaborating on, and disseminating SLRs at scale.

Exceed FDA Standards with 10x Less Work

Sorcero iSLR automates the entire systematic literature review process, from initial screening to inclusion/exclusion to citation tagging. Powered by advanced AI technology, Sorcero iSLR improves the accuracy of screening decisions, outperforming FDA accuracy thresholds and human-only workflows. Now, teams can collaborate on literature reviews from a single interface, enabling more aligned decision-making rooted in real evidence. 
1.5x Faster evidence generation than traditional methods
96% Accuracy of inclusion/exclusion decisions
100s hours saved on manual literature reviews

Human + AI > Human or AI Alone

Benefits of Sorcero iSLR

Sorcero iSLR empowers teams to efficiently conduct systematic literature reviews and generate large volumes of high-quality, unbiased evidence.

Accelerate Evidence Generation & Synthesis

  • Automatically deduplicate abstracts and review most relevant abstracts first

  • Quickly screen and color-code citations to surface evidence based on relevant PICO criteria

  • Add notes to citations and download tagged citations into shareable files for deeper analysis
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Exceed FDA Standards & Human-only Workflows

  • Outperform FDA accuracy thresholds for inclusion/exclusion decisions

  • Auto-generate PRISMA flow diagrams for each literature review

  • Mitigate review bias with strict protocols and access to a vast range of literature sources
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Always Use Gold-standard Evidence

  • Access thorough, high-quality, and unbiased evidence for use in payer decisions

  • Automatically surface the most relevant evidence first to power teams that rely on evidence-based research

  • Stay aligned on SLRs and key evidence with a centralized analytics dashboard and custom review workflows
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It's time to learn more about what Sorcero can illuminate for you.

Advanced AI, uniquely tuned for Medical Affairs

Sorcero iSLR transforms the systematic literature review process with powerful AI capabilities that rapidly accelerate evidence screening, mitigate bias, and drive more collaborative reviews


AI-powered abstract deduplication automatically screens abstracts and removes duplicate content


 AI-powered screening surfaces important abstracts first and color-codes citations based on PICO criteria


Collaborative interface for teams to screen others’ citations, add notes, and track progress


Review workflows let teams define single, dual, and custom review workflows with multiple collaborators

Why Sorcero iSLR?

Manual and outdated systematic literature reviews are a thing of the past. With Sorcerer iSLR, teams can tap into advanced medically-tuned AI to transform the entire review process. Now, teams can achieve unbiased systematic literature reviews at unprecedented scale – finally keeping pace with the latest evidence. 

Medically Intelligent AI Assistant understands complex medical topics to facilitate faster inclusion/exclusion decisions – powering the highest quality evidence synthesis

True evidence-based research frontloads  most relevant abstracts first and provides access to a vast range of literary sources 

Advanced interface for SLRs provides teams with a centralized dashboard for collaborating on literature reviews with teammates

The Sorcero AI Platform

Sorcero uses AI to help sift through oceans of internal and external information and empower medical decision-makers across the pharma value chain with the insights they need to save lives.

Medical Insights Management
Sorcero MIM

Unite and structure complex medical data to instantly find high-quality insights that drive medical strategy.

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Intelligent Publication Management
Sorcero IPM

Centralize scientific literature in one place so teams can extract key information and monitor trends in real time.

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Plain Language Summaries
Sorcero PLS

Auto-generate high-quality and accessible summaries in seconds so teams can scale PLS output to meet demand.

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Intelligent Systematic Literature Review
Sorcero iSLR

Streamlines and automates the literature review process so teams can collaborate on decisions rooted in the highest-level evidence.

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