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Streamlined PLS Workflows

The Sorcero PLS Service auto-generates first draft plain language summary text in a secure, compliant environment at the click of a button - ready to be further enhanced by expert medical writers and design teams. Medical Affairs team can automate 70% - 100% of the manual work associated with the development of plain language and lay summaries, reducing PLS backlog from months to weeks.

Optimize Efficiencies

Optimize Efficiencies

Sorcero facilitates a completely automated one-click, end-to-end PLS generation process, from source document ingestion to final PLS generation. Reduce hours of medical writing time to a single click of a button!

Improve quality

Eliminate Hallucinations

Sorcero implements an automated content validation step in our PLS generation process, ensuring that hallucinations are identified and removed.

Best Models

Best Language Models

The Sorcero PLS service comprises a number of different steps to generate Plain Language Summaries, utilizing the most appropriate large language model for each.

SME Approved

SME Approved

All Sorcero PLSs are reviewed and signed-off by in-house medical and PLS Subject Matter Experts before being sent to clients, ensuring only high quality PLS deliverables.


Improved Quality
More Readable

Sorcero-generated PLS content is easier to read than human-written PLS content, scoring significantly lower on a range of readability metrics. We help you ensure that your PLS deliverables are fit for purpose.

Validated environment

A Secure, Validated
Generative AI Platform

Ensure data security with Sorcero’s secure, tenanted, enterprise-grade, Generative AI that keeps your IP safe. Guardrails and validation are built-in to prevent AI hallucinations.

Generate quantifiably more accessible scientific content at scale

Generate more accessible
scientific content at scale

Sorcero-generated PLS perform significantly better than human-written PLS on all readability metrics and benchmarks.

Higher engagement with the science behind life-changing therapies

Higher engagement

Provides a workflow for the generation of first draft lay language deliverables that can be further enhanced by expert medical writers with readability metrics that provide actionable guidance.

Intelligent Systematic Literature Review

Sorcero iSLRTM

Streamline the review process and accelerate evidence generation with AI-assisted screening that enables collaborative workflows.


Supercharged systematic reviews.

Improve the accuracy of screening decisions to exceed FDA standards with systematic reviews that generate the highest level of evidence with with 10x reduction of manual work.

Sorcero’s iSLR streamlines the systematic review process by using advanced AI-technology to accelerate research. The platform automatically organizes key data and shows users the most relevant articles first highlights keywords relevant to important screening criteria and auto-deduplicates articles across various sources ensuring an efficient screening process.

When working across and within teams, the sophisticated crowd engine facilitates collaboration among multiple reviewers and assigns articles automatically. Single and custom reviews enable abstracts and full-text workflows to follow single, dual, or custom review. The solution is demonstrated to reduce literature monitoring and systematic review time requirements by 88-92%.


Screen Relevant Articles
First with AI

AI-assisted article screening identifies 95% to 99% of all of eligible citations by screening fewer than 10% of initial citations, exceeding FDA regulatory threshold of accuracy for inclusion/exclusion decisions.


Advanced Deduplication Technology

Fast and accurate deduplication of abstracts and full-text articles saves hundreds of hours of manual work, 10-30% better than existing tools.


PICO Elements Identified by Machine Learning

Useful keywords for each of the PICO criteria are highlighted using natural language processing, and improves with user feedback.


Seamless Collaborative Workflow

Project-based workflow for identifying, analyzing, and reviewing citations with multiple collaborators. Intuitive analytics dashboard provides screening status and metrics for reviewers and judicators. Support for single review, dual review, or custom review workflows.


Import of Citations from Various Sources

Pull citations from the world's largest databases of biomedical publications, including Embase, Pubmed, Cochrane, and more. Directly upload citations in multiple file formats.


Transparent Reporting

Automatically generated PRISMA flow diagrams provides transparent reporting on why the review was done, what the authors did, and what they found.

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White Paper

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Additional Applications

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The Sorcero Platform eliminates data silos and manual reporting with tools to capture, enrich, and analyze results.


Sorcero IPMTM

Intelligent Publication Monitoring. Identify the most clinically impactful content for competitive intelligence, compliance, and evidence generation.

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Medical Insights Management. Capture 300% more insights and reduce the time to surface key findings from months to real-time.

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Sorcero PLSTM

AI-assisted, auto-generated Plain Language Summaries. More readable and more accessible to a broader audiences with lower costs, complete in hours.

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