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On-demand Webinar

Unlocking Field Medical’s Power: AI-driven Insights

Are you a Field Medical professional or MSL looking to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape?



Zeinab Sulaiman – Sorcero   |   Ralph Rewers – Gilead Sciences
Patrina Pellett, PhD – Medical Affairs Value   |    Richard Swank, PhD
– Ex-Amgen



Key Discussion Points:

The Changing Landscape
 Discover the evolving role of MSLs and the impact of emerging technology like AI.
Unlock the Power of Insights
Unlocking the power of customer insights: Learn how Medical Affairs can leverage AI to gain valuable data from HCP interactions and advisory boards.
Cross-functional Collaboration
Explore strategies for effectively communicating customer insights across your organization.
Benchmarking Success
 Gain insights from other industries on how to best learn from HCPs and patients.

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