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Medical Insights Management – Sorcero MIM™

Turn the Data Deluge into Instant Insights

Unite and structure complex medical data to instantly find high-quality insights that drive medical strategy

Unlock 300% More Insights From Your Medical Data

Medical Affairs teams have access to more data than ever before – yet struggle to extract the full value from this information. Cobbling together fragmented data takes significant time, let alone analyzing information to identify trends and insights crucial for patient care, provider education, and clinical impact monitoring. To keep pace with the explosion in medical data and deliver the best outcomes for patients, Medical Affairs teams need a modern approach for managing, collaborating on, and harnessing all of their medical data.

Demand more from your data with medically-tuned AI

Sorcero MIM unifies and organizes your structured and unstructured medical data in a single, collaborative platform. Through the Instant Insights Engine – MIM’s AI-powered conversational interface – teams can easily query their data using simple language, mirroring the experience of chatting with an expert colleague. Now, Medical Affairs teams can ask complex medical questions and instantly receive high-quality answers rooted in real data to guide strategy and respond to KOL needs faster than ever before.
72% Less Time to
Process Data
18X Faster Medical Insights
3X More Value From
Medical Data

Benefits of Sorcero MIM

Sorcero MIM empowers Medical Affairs to extract exponentially more value from their data and make faster, more informed decisions to drive medical strategy. 

Unify Medical Data, Evidence, & Insights

  • Automatically capture, structure, and unify all data pertinent to the organization - from field medical notes, advisory board transcripts, CRMs, surveys and many more

  • Simplify information sharing and teamwork across Medical Affairs, MSLs, operations, and leadership through a collaborative interface

  • Automatically organize records around key medical topics to easily find and share relevant, validated insights
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Make Faster & Better Decisions 

  • Instantly find relevant insights on therapeutic area, geography, patient needs, and more

  • Strengthen KOL relationships and drive launch success with an HCP-centric data view

  • Guide proper insights usage with customizable workflows, and map insights to KPIs to show how tactics and data contribute to strategy

Uncover Previously Hidden Insights

  • Tie together previously disconnected records based on medical concepts and their relationships, augmenting data analysis

  • Surface new information and HCP feedback buried in unstructured sources like HCP notes and meeting presentations

  • Understand how HCPs and the market perceive product safety and efficacy with Scientific Sentiment™

It's time to learn more about what Sorcero can illuminate for you

Advanced AI, uniquely tuned for Medical Affairs

Sorcero MIM has been AI-first from the start, embedding powerful AI functionality into all aspects of the platform – from organizing and structuring data to surfacing insights and trends across information

Instant Insights

 Instant Insights Engine generates high-quality responses to queries using AI instead of keywords


Scientific Sentiment automatically detects HCP sentiment on efficacy and safety topics, and displays changes in sentiment over time

Intelligent Recommendations

AI recommendations identify connections, related records, and potential areas for follow-up 

Smart Data

Automatically categorize information into topics and themes using Sorcero’s expansive library of medical ontologies and LLM algorithms

Why Sorcero MIM?

Not all AI products are equal. Sorcero MIM is the best of both worlds – combining advanced AI and medical intelligence in one platform. With access to the largest hub of medical data, Sorcero MIM unites rich data sources and cutting-edge AI algorithms to uncover instant insights for Medical Affairs teams.

Medically Intelligent AI Assistant understands complex relationships in medical data, enriching information from collection to organization to insights – surfacing the most valuable data for teams.

The most comprehensive hub of medical insights, combining internal enterprise data (CRM data, MSL insights, med inquiries, etc.) with external data (claims data, clinical trial data, etc.) in one place.

Instant access to relevant medical data, which teams easily dig into through MIM’s instant insights engine, filters, collections, and dashboards.

The Sorcero AI Platform

Sorcero uses AI to help sift through oceans of internal and external information and empower medical decision-makers across the pharma value chain with the insights they need to save lives.

Medical Insights Management
Sorcero MIM

Unite and structure complex medical data to instantly find high-quality insights that drive medical strategy.

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Intelligent Publication Management
Sorcero IPM

Centralize scientific literature in one place so teams can extract key information and monitor trends in real time.

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Plain Language Summaries
Sorcero PLS

Auto-generate high-quality and accessible summaries in seconds so teams can scale PLS output to meet demand.

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Intelligent Systematic Literature Review
Sorcero iSLR

Streamlines and automates the literature review process so teams can collaborate on decisions rooted in the highest-level evidence.

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