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Plain Language Summaries – Sorcero PLS™

Simplify Scientific Publications in Seconds

Automatically generate high-quality and patient-accessible summaries to scale PLS output and drive engagement with providers and patients

Automate up to 100% of manual plain language summary work

As Medical Affairs teams continue to prioritize patient education and outreach, the demand for accessible plain language summaries has surged. But translating scientific content into digestible summaries for distinct audiences is difficult and time-consuming, bottlenecking medical writers. And despite an increased focus on creating plainspeak resources, many of these summaries still fall short of readability targets. Given the wealth of scientific content today, patients deserve easy-to-understand summaries that help them make informed healthcare decisions and advocate for the right treatments.

Accessible PLS at the click of a button

Sorcero PLS automatically generates initial plain language summary drafts in a secure, compliant environment, empowering medical writers to produce high-quality, readable summaries at scale. At the click of a button, teams can automate 70% to 100% of manual work, and instantly queue up documents for expert medical writers and design teams to further refine.
84% Of people understand Sorcero-generated PLS (vs. industry average of 14%)
600% More readable content
18x Higher engagement from non-specialist physicians and patients

Human + AI > Human or AI Alone

Benefits of Sorcero PLS

Sorcero PLS enables Medical Writers to meet the increasing demand for plain language content – a fundamental tool for patient engagement and education.

Instantly Generate Summaries at Scale

  • Quickly translate scientific content into plain language summaries

  • Scale PLS output to cover full product and publication portfolios

  • Track readability and health literacy metrics with built-in reporting
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Meet Target Readability Metrics

  • Achieve 84% readability and comply with FDA and EMA standards

  • Ensure accuracy with medically-tuned large language models (LLMs)

  • Adhere to industry best practices with built-in PLS templates
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Maintain Accuracy, Compliance, & Full Validation

  • Avoid hallucinations with built-in hallucination checks and compliant AI processes

  • Protect embargoed and sensitive information with access to a dedicated tenant environment

  • Access in-house reviews from Sorcero subject matter experts
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It's time to learn more about what Sorcero can illuminate for you.

Advanced AI, uniquely tuned for Medical Affairs

Sorcero PLS™ transforms the plain language summary writing process with powerful AI capabilities that rapidly accelerate output while ensuring superior quality


Easy-to-use interface instantly translates complex content into plain language summaries

Medically-Tuned Large Language Models

Medically-tuned LLMs ensure accuracy by leveraging the best model for the specific situation


Built-in metrics display readability and accessibility scores for each summary

detection & Removal

AI-powered hallucination detection and removal automatically excludes hallucinations and flags potential hallucinations for human review

Why Sorcero PLS?

Providing patients with accessible plain language summaries is no longer considered “going the extra mile” – it’s expected. As Medical Affairs have an increasing responsibility to meet this demand, Sorcero PLS makes doing so possible – transforming the manual and slow PLS writing process into one that’s automated and high-quality.

Medically Intelligent AI Assistant understands complex medical terms and can intelligently summarize content in an easy-to-read format – without leaving out details or misrepresenting key concepts.

Accessible content that far surpasses the industry average for readability and accessibility.

Instant plain language summaries that are high-quality and significantly more readable – which teams can generate with one click.

The Sorcero AI Platform

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Plain Language Summaries
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