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Intelligent Publication Monitoring – Sorcero IPM™

Scientific Knowledge
Without Limits

Unify and centralize scientific literature to extract key information and monitor trends in real time

The industry’s largest repository of published research

With over 2 million new articles published each year across 20,000+ journals, Medical Affairs teams are swimming in high-quality information. But while this information is available, it’s not easily accessible – in many cases, key information is poorly organized or remains locked behind paywalls, leaving teams to deal with incomplete, static, and out-of-date information. Without a modern process for accessing, analyzing, and extracting evidence from this vast body of literature, Medical Affairs and Publication teams can’t keep up – and risk missing out on important insights and trends.

Millions of publications are now evidence at your fingertips

Sorcero IPM pulls together content from 20+ medical research resources into the largest publication analytics dashboard, organizing and structuring this content according to the medical terms, concepts, and trends most relevant to your organization. Now, teams can instantly find evidence grounded in real-world data and monitor evolving trends across product sentiment, competition, and safety.
250M+ Publications from 83M+ Authors
8X boost in accuracy and productivity when finding information
88% Reduction in time to review evidence

Human + AI > Human or AI Alone

Benefits of Sorcero IPM

Sorcereo IPM empowers Medical Affairs, HEOR, and Medical leadership to stay on top of the most important research relevant to their product, therapeutic area, and market. 

Access the Largest Body of Public Literature

  • Translate content from disparate publications into analysis-ready data points

  • Organize and enrich public literature based on medical topics most important to your organization 

  • Surface insights based on semantic context instead of exact-match keywords with fast, powerful querying
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Extract High-quality, Relevant Evidence Faster

  • Display relevant content through powerful querying, dashboards, and filters

  • Auto-generate article summaries to quickly determine whether a publication warrants deeper review

  • Automatically add the latest published articles to keep information up to date
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Monitor Key Trends – at Scale & Over Time

  • Connect insights across millions of current and historical publications to illuminate long-term product, market, and competitor trends

  • Pinpoint the highest value sources with the publication clinical impact score (PCIS)

  • Track real-world evidence to inform future product development

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It's time to learn more about what Sorcero can illuminate for you

Advanced AI, uniquely tuned for Medical Affairs

Sorcero IPM enables teams to navigate the world’s scientific literature with the power of medically-intelligent AI


AI-powered querying instantly surfaces relevant evidence and ties back answers to source data

AI Analytics & Workflows

AI-powered analytics and workflows monitor emerging themes, track stakeholders, and recommend actions

auto-generated summaries

AI-generated auto summaries help teams identify literature to screen for deeper review

Smart Data

Automatically categorize information into topics and themes using Sorcero’s expansive library of medical ontologies and LLM algorithms

Why Sorcero IPM?

As the largest repository of scientific literature, Sorcero IPM equips Medical Affairs teams to keep tabs on the latest, most pertinent research – without getting overwhelmed by irrelevant content. Now, teams can leverage the power of medically-tuned AI to search across literature and uncover more meaningful insights than ever before.

Medically Intelligent AI Assistant tags and structures information according to complex medical topics, making it fast and easy for teams to search and extract relevant insights across the entire body of literature.

The largest dashboard of scientific and medical research, containing 250M+ publications from 83M+ authors, which teams can easily search across from a single interface.

Instant access to trustworthy insights from the latest scientific literature, which teams easily dig into using advanced querying, filters, collections, and dashboards.

The Sorcero AI Platform

Sorcero uses AI to help sift through oceans of internal and external information and empower medical decision-makers across the pharma value chain with the insights they need to save lives.

Medical Insights Management
Sorcero MIM

Unite and structure complex medical data to instantly find high-quality insights that drive medical strategy.

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Intelligent Publication Management
Sorcero IPM

Centralize scientific literature in one place so teams can extract key information and monitor trends in real time.

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Plain Language Summaries
Sorcero PLS

Auto-generate high-quality and accessible summaries in seconds so teams can scale PLS output to meet demand.

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Intelligent Systematic Literature Review
Sorcero iSLR

Streamlines and automates the literature review process so teams can collaborate on decisions rooted in the highest-level evidence.

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