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Intelligent Publication Monitoring

Sorcero IPMTM

Intelligent Publication Monitoring. Identify the most clinically impactful content for competitive intelligence, compliance, and evidence generation.


Track product and scientific performance.

Replace therapeutic landscape, competitive intelligence, and outsourced literature reviews and reports, reducing costs by 88%.

medical insights

Actionable Insights

Quickly process content and uncover valuable AI-augmented medical insights, increasing productivity by 10X.

medical publications

Centralize Large Volumes of Content

Pull content from over 20 different sources (including PubMed, Europe PMC, and LitCovid) into one central location to enable deeper analysis and understanding.


Improve Accuracy and Confidence

Accurately identify the most relevant content for your unique needs with 100% sensitivity and 95% specificity.

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Capture insights from biomedical literature at superhuman speeds.

Intelligent Publication Monitoring (IPM) captures and analyzes biomedical content from the world's largest set of open-access scientific sources. Watch the demo video to see IPM in action.

Watch the IPM Demo


Real-time publication analytics dashboards.

- Data warehouse of ranked, summarized, and tagged literature
- 44 million publications, preprint, and citation data
- Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for relevant scientific literature
- Auto-summaries of abstracts and full-text articles
- Publication Clinical Impact Score (PCIS)
- Scientific Share of Voice (SSoV)


The latest resources delivered.

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Additional Applications

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The Sorcero Platform eliminates data silos and manual reporting with tools to capture, enrich, and analyze results.


Sorcero iSLRTM

Streamline the review process and accelerate evidence generation with AI-assisted screening that enables collaborative workflows.

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Sorcero PLSTM

AI-assisted, auto-generated Plain Language Summaries. More readable and more accessible to a broader audiences with lower costs, complete in hours.

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