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Sorcero, where innovation meets passion, and extraordinary talents converge to shape the future of life sciences.

Are you a Sorceror?


At Sorcero, we prioritize the relentless pursuit of mastery. We honor kindness and empathy towards others, both within our teams and beyond. We learn and grow in the face of defeat and from our successes. Ultimately, we emphasize the impact and the potential of large-scale, positive change.


Sorcero is proud to provide the following to its full-time employees


Sorcero offers multiple health, dental & vision plans to accommodate your needs

Remote Work

Sorcero is a fully remote company and has been since day one. No need for a daily commute to an office

Paid Time Off

Sorcero values time away from work and offers employees Paid Time Off (PTO) as well as Sick Leave

Parental Leave

Sorcero understands the importance of bonding with a new child and being able to fully focus on family

Holiday Recess

Sorcero offers a company wide holiday recess at the end of the year, to give our employees some much need time to connect with thier loved ones.


Sorcero values each employee's unique contributions, and promotes an inclusive, supportive environment where everyone feels empowered to do their best work.

Group of joyful excited business people throwing papers and having fun in office
Young creative business people at office
Portrait of a smiling customer service representative with an afro at the computer using headset

Driven by Our Common Values

Pursuit of excellence and
mastery of our craft
Kindness and empathy
towards others
Learning in defeat and
in success
Desire to create large-scale positive change

Prioritizing the Relentless Pursuit of Mastery 

“There's no ego at Sorcero. It's the best part of being on this team! Ideas are what power our innovation and everyone's are welcomed, encouraged, and considered. You'll never find a more intelligent, talented, humble, or welcoming group. Just be sure to mute your computer when we sing Happy Birthday. Carrying a tune is not our strong suit.”
Alyssa Hulahan-CastellanoSales Director
“Working at Sorcero is a genuine privilege. I'm able to exercise in the areas that are important to me; namely having autonomy in my work, mixing my commercial and academic interests, and learning from and collaborating with people who are much smarter than I am! All this while working at the intersection of the world's most interesting industries: healthcare, technology, and artificial intelligence.”
David McMinn PhDLay Summaries Practice Leader
"Of all the many things I like about working at Sorcero, I think the culture here is what stands out. I am proud to be part of Sorcero family where skills and expertise of an employee is truly valued and the company encourages collaboration at all levels. I've had the opportunity to learn and grow and have more responsibility."
Shruti MistryLead Research Ontologist

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