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18th Annual Meeting of ISMPP | Poster Presentation

ISMPP 2022 Poster

This poster: 'Intelligent Literature Monitoring with Integrated Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Literature Search and Publication Planning in Real-Time Workflows,' presents the real-world findings of an AI case study by Sorcero, Moderna, Coherus Biosciences, and MEDiSTRAVA.


How AI is Transforming Literature Search and Publication Planning in 2022

What are the benefits of shifting literature monitoring from a manual process into an AI-augmented process?

In this real-world study, members of Sorcero, MEDiSTRAVA, Coherus Biosciences, and Moderna assessed: 

  1. Traditional Literature Monitoring: Manual search and output
  2. AI-Augmented Literature Monitoring: Semi-automated search with AI-integration and digital output

Each approach was evaluated on:

  • Man-hours
  • Sensitivity
  • Specificity
  • Versatility/utility of outputs
  • Depth of insights
  • User experience

Download the poster presentation to see the real-world findings

Download the ISMPP 2022 Poster

Our CUSTOMERS have Spoken

“Sorcero’s LI platform automatically identified and analyzed the latest updates in medical guidelines, saving us substatinal time and resources.”