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Sorcero AI-powered MIM:...

David McMinn, PhD – Lay Summaries Practice Leader

As a medical director for nearly a..

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A Changing Hierarchy: Why...

The pharmaceutical industry is evolving, and as the traditional commercial model shifts,..

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AI is collapsing the distance...

For Medical Affairs professionals, deriving actionable insights from the vast quantities..

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5 Benefits of Unified Medical...

There are powerful opportunities for analytics in Medical Affairs. Unified data and..

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Digital Clarity Episode 2:...

Did you catch the second episode of the Digital Clarity: Medical Affairs Innovation..

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Sorcero Podcast Series:...

This the sixth and final episode in the Sorcero miniseries on building great AI-powered..

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Digital Clarity Episode 1:...

We’ve officially launched the first episode of Digital Clarity: Medical Affairs..

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3 Ways to Capture & Share...

From 2018 to 2020, the volume of articles on SCImago and Dimensions grew by over one..

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Sorcero Podcast Series: J&J VP of US Oncology Medical Affairs on Working at the Nexus of Medical Innovation

Here is the fifth episode in the Sorcero miniseries on building great AI-powered life sciences products, a Mighty Capital podcast.

In this Sorcero miniseries, join host Sorcero CEO and Co-founder..

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Sorcero Podcast Series: J&J VP...

Here is the fifth episode in the Sorcero miniseries on building great AI-powered life..

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On-Demand: Sorcero CEO Dipanwita...

Is Vertical SaaS the perfect match for the needs of the modern life sciences enterprise? 

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A Guide to Summarizing Medical...

Artificial intelligence (AI) can enable Medical Affairs to auto-generate quality..

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Introducing Digital Clarity:...

Sorcero is excited to announce the launch of our new webinar series - Digital Clarity:..

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Sorcero Podcast Series: Novartis...

The fourth episode in the Sorcero miniseries on building great AI-powered life sciences..

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Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das at...

On August 4, global industry leaders will learn the driving factors, challenges, and..

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Sorcero Podcast Series: Building...

Here is the third episode in the Sorcero miniseries on building great AI-powered life..

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Sorcero in The MSL Journal: What...

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) are trusted subject matter experts who capture and..

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How to Unlock the Full Potential...

Data is rising and Medical Affairs is taking full advantage of the surge. With better..

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Sorcero Podcast Series: Data,...

This is episode two in the Sorcero miniseries on building great AI-powered life sciences..

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New Podcast Series: How to Build...

It's time to kick off the launch of Sorcero’s miniseries on building great AI products..

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How to Keep Up with Medical...

Life sciences enterprises move at lightning speeds. 

Today, new medical literature is..

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Sorcero Sr. Scientist Dr. Walid...

In the new special edition episode of Machine Learning Street Talk (MLST), a podcast..

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How is AI transforming drug...

Sorcero, the leading omnichannel analytics platform for Life Sciences, has released its..

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Can you pass our AI experiment?

We've got a question: 

Do you think you can tell the difference between an..

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Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das on the...

Sorcero CEO and co-founder Dipanwita Das sits down on Authentically Successful to..

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MAPS Webinar: Demystifying...

As Medical Affairs continues to innovate, gaining a foundational knowledge of artificial..

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5 Myths About AI in Life Sciences

For the past decade, the life sciences industry has feverishly awaited the breaching..

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Walter Bender to Lead AI Primer...

On June 22, life sciences professionals will get a step-by-step guide to artificial..

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Building Equitable AI Products:...

Ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a central conversation in the workplace. 

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The Ultimate Guide to...

Data is everywhere in our digital world. Like in many industries, life sciences and..

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How Medical Directors Use...

Medical developments and emerging data can be powerful tools for transforming how..

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Sorcero Achieves B Corp Cert in...

Among the First Artificial Intelligence Companies To Meet the Highest Standards of..

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Medical Information Case Study:...

This case study demonstrates how a leading Medical Information team used artificial..

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AI Under the Hood Sessions with...

Artificial intelligence has the potential to deliver new solutions to the regulatory..

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3 Key Takeaways from the MAPS...

It’s a defining time for Medical Affairs.

In a pivotal post-pandemic moment, Medical..

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What is the Impact of Medical...

Medical Affairs (MA) has greater strategic influence than ever before. 

Medical Affairs..

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5 Ways to Strengthen KOL...

Medical Affairs provides value to the life sciences and health care in many forms, and..

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How to Build the Business Case...

Artificial intelligence is a topic circulating across the life sciences. While the..

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Measuring Progress in Natural...

The following piece, written by natural language understanding expert and Sorcero Senior..

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Leveraging AI for Insights from...

AI can deliver exponential value to Medical Affairs. From aggregating and enriching KOL..

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Sorcero Scales with Several...

Sorcero is moving fast in 2022 to deliver the leading Life Sciences Language..

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5 Ways to Streamline KOL Mapping

KOLs, or key opinion leaders, are notable voices of influence in an arena. In health..

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Our Top 5 MAPS 2022 Global...

The Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) 2022 Global Annual Meeting in New..

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Sorcero Announces the Launch of...

Medical Affairs Teams Gain a Strategic Advantage With Unified Analytics and..

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Better Insights Faster: Medical...

Gearing up for the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) 2022 Global Annual..

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Sorcero CCO Richard Graves at...

On March 22, Medical Affairs professionals will learn how to leverage AI to extract..

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4 Tips for Implementing New...

The surge of scientific content and data in Medical Affairs is here to stay. The volume..

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Sorcero Receives 2022 Products...

Solidifies position as the leading Life Sciences Language Intelligence Platform


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Measuring Medical Affairs' Value...

As the role of Medical Affairs evolves and expands, so does its value. 

Medical Affairs..

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Making History in Women's...

There's no shortage of reasons to celebrate the women at Sorcero. Each day, we're led by..

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Sorcero Employee Spotlight: Dr....

Dr. Walid Saba is a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) thought leader.

Walid is known..

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What's behind the AI at Sorcero?

Artificial intelligence uncovers new worlds of innovation. At Sorcero, we’re building an..

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Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das:...

Dipanwita Das, CEO and Co-founder of Sorcero, spoke at the International Society for..

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Webinar: The Emerging Role of AI...

It's an exciting time for Medical Affairs teams, but it's also quite challenging.


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How Can AI Improve Post-Pandemic...

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in patient care today?

Since the..

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Welcoming Our New Team Members

Sorcero is continuing to scale our team to meet the rapidly increasing demand for our..

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Medical Affairs Expert Q&A: Tim...

We recently had the opportunity to interview Sorcero advisor, Tim Mikhelashvili,..

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Medistrava and Sorcero Partner...

Partnership is addressing the industry’s critical need to rapidly distill, interpret,..

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Launch of Intelligent Literature...

ILM accelerates the tedious manual review process and increases productivity by 1,000% 

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The Next Generation of...

At Sorcero, we have been blown away by the incredible talent of our high school and..

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Sorcero Closes $10M Series A to...

Investment will enable Sorcero to meet the exponential growth in demand for advanced..

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Sorcero Continues To Grow With...

Demand for Sorcero's AI-powered Language Intelligence platform has skyrocketed in recent..

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Sorcero Employee Spotlight:...

We recently had the opportunity to interview Technical Program Manager Chris Carciello..

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Sorcero Employee Spotlight:...

We recently had the opportunity to interview our Engineering intern, Ernestina Plate, to..

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Introducing Ingestum: A Unified...

Today, Sorcero is announcing the open-sourcing of Ingestum™ (pronounced “ingest’em”),..

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For Sorcero, 2020 Was A Year Of...

While 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, Sorcero experienced a series of growth..

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$3.5M Raised to Continue...

Sorcero has announced that the company has successfully raised $3.5M from a consortium..

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Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das...

Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das today appeared on the UpTech Report with Alex..

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AI for Life Sciences White...

Sorcero's white paper examines cognitive computing uses for Medical Affairs and..

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Sorcero and Roche Diagnostics...

Today, Language Intelligence (LI) provider Sorcero and leading diagnostics company Roche..

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