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May 25, 2022

Medical Information Case Study: Standard Response Letters

This case study demonstrates how a leading Medical Information team used artificial intelligence to elevate its medical content strategy with data-driven insight.


Download the PDF: Standard Response Letter Gap Analysis


Standard Response Letter Gap Analysis: Driving medical content strategy with AI-augmented insight

The Objective:

A Medical Information team sought to explore the potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate the detection of approved medical content needs for their newly approved asset.

Download the Standard Response Letter Gap Analysis PDF to see the process.

The Approach:

Using Sorcero’s cognitive technology, an internal Gap Analysis project was divided into three phases:

  1. Data Ingestion
  2. AI Enrichment
  3. Gap Detection

SRL Gap Analysis Process


How Sorcero Made an Impact: Artificial Intelligence Augmented Insights

Sorcero utilized Ingestum, our unified content ingestion framework, to ingest and transform multiple data and document types into a uniform format. Three categories of internal data relevant to the drug in focus were ingested and unified for AI enrichment. All sources of data were unstructured and heterogeneous in format. 


SRL Gap Analysis Data Ingestion

Categories of Data:

  • Approved Standard Response Letters
  • Field medical interaction data and recorded insights
  • Advisory board summary reports

Sources of Data: 

  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Doc
  • PowerPoint

The Sorcero advanced AI enrichment process established accurate links between Standard Response Letters and Insight data points that contained high degrees of similarity in (1) language and (2) meaning. The enriched data populated the Sorcero omnichannel analytics platform with AI-augmented insights to drive strategy. 

Impact on Medical Information 

  • The Medical Information team was able to generate 52 insights with zero AI-detected links to existing content over the previous 90 days. 
  • The dashboard provided visualization for field insight connections to each SRL, leading to an evidence-supported content strategy for new SRL creation. 
  • This aligned the educational and approved content creation with the priority gaps revealed from field health care provider (HCP) conversations. 

Download the Medical Information Case Study PDF to learn more about the gap analysis.

Download the PDF: Standard Response Letter Gap Analysis


Language Intelligence and Medical Information 

Medical Information teams are relying on Language Intelligence to generate evidence and respond to internal and external feedback in near real-time. Pharmaceutical companies can ingest, enrich, and analyze heterogeneous and unstructured data in one unified dashboard - providing HCPs and patients with the most accurate data and information available. 

Download the Standard Response Letter Gap Analysis Case Study PDF here.



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