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Unified Medical Affairs Data
Christina Cullen
Sep 2, 2022

5 Benefits of Unified Medical Affairs Data | Sorcero

There are powerful opportunities for analytics in Medical Affairs. Unified data and analytics enable teams to connect, monitor, and analyze trends across channels. When these analytics are displayed in dashboards and reports, it makes it easier and faster to identify what’s actionable. 

Data gaps and delays in responding to insights can have major impacts on health outcomes. Unified analytics addresses these challenges by enabling Medical Affairs to make quicker decisions with access to the most current data - connected in one place. 

Here we share five benefits of unifying your Medical Affairs data with Medical Insights Management.


5 Benefits of Unifying Your Medical Affairs Data

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5 Benefits of Unifying Medical Affairs Data with Medical Insights Management 


1. Data Visualization

Traditional spreadsheets and reports keep data locked in siloed columns and paragraphs. Now, Medical Affairs can lift this data from spreadsheets, CRMs, and beyond to track therapeutic areas in near real-time with MIM. Customizable dashboards stay current, so teams can share trends and findings in minutes. Medical Affairs can keep the insights cycle moving - at new speeds. 


2. Improved Decision-Making

Centralizing data across internal and external sources into one platform enables Medical Affairs to accelerate analysis and decision-making. Medical Insights Management can unify and ingest external medical content, such as clinical trials and social media, alongside enterprise medical content. This clear view of all of your data can inform decision-making and give you back time spent pulling all of these sources together manually. 


3. Eliminate Data Silos

Data silos expose Medical Affairs to risk in a variety of ways. When teams are armed with a single source of truth, Medical Affairs can bring this data together. It can feel confident that everything is being captured. Leadership can drive strategy from collaborative, customizable dashboards in MIM. This makes it much easier to identify what is actionable. 


4. Capture 300% More Insights

Medical Affairs can capture 300% more insights by pulling together data from CRMs, Advisory Boards, Surveys, and more with Sorcero's ingestion. In Medical Insights Management, AI-applied medical themes and topic clustering can help identify unmet needs and inform medical strategy. 


5. Reduce Costs

Medical Affairs is extremely data-driven. Many teams are evaluating building data warehouses to make the most of their data. However, this can cost valuable time and money to execute. Another option is to integrate Medical Insights Management with existing systems. It's a flexible way to get analytics and reporting, without the expense of a manual build. 


Download the PDF


Getting started with Medical Insights Management

With Medical Insights Management (MIM), Medical Affairs can turn information into insights into action with confidence and clarity. To learn more about what's possible with MIM for your Medical Affairs team, schedule a discovery call with our Sorcero team today. 



On-Demand Webinar: Streamlining Insights Management

There are more diverse sources of medical insights than ever before. Today, it can be a manual challenge for Medical Affairs to connect and communicate this data in one cohesive story. 

To face this challenge, Medical Affairs teams are innovating with artificial intelligence that can unify diverse sources of medical insights.

In this on-demand Digital Clarity webinar, we demonstrate how Medical Affairs can streamline insights management to drive strategic action and improve health outcomes.  

💡 Watch On-Demand: Streamlining Insights Management webinar

Digital Clarity Streamlining Insights Management

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