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We Are Sorcero

Our solutions are designed to drive transformation in life sciences

There is magic in the air


Our solutions are designed for some of the most demanding roles driving transformation in life sciences. These are individuals whose high-value responsibilities necessitate high-value understanding. People who are tasked with absorbing expansive information at a superhuman pace. People who are making decisions that ultimately change patient lives and save patient lives.


Sorcero’s experience builds upon medical affairs and regulatory affairs knowledge, augmenting human intelligence by effectively distilling the context and potential of medical and scientific content. Sorcero delivers exponential improvements to your team's productivity with tools that capture, monitor, and analyze results. We optimize time-consuming tasks, from real-time pharmacovigilance to massive volume literature monitoring.

Our Mission

To transform lives through the most effective use of the world’s scientific knowledge.

Our Vision

To be the world’s leading medical analytics platform for the life sciences, accelerating data-driven decisions that improve patients’ lives.

Our Common Values

Pursuit of excellence and mastery of our craft
Kindness and empathy
towards others
Learning in defeat and
in success
Desire to create large-scale,
positive change

The People Behind the Magic

"Of all the many things I like about working at Sorcero, I think the culture here is what stands out. I am proud to be part of the Sorcero family where skills and expertise of an employee is truly valued and the company encourages collaboration at all levels. I've had the opportunity to learn and grow and have more responsibility."
Shruti MistryLead Research Ontologist
“Working at Sorcero is a genuine privilege. I'm able to exercise in the areas that are important to me; namely having autonomy in my work, mixing my commercial and academic interests, and learning from and collaborating with people who are much smarter than I am! All this while working at the intersection of the world's most interesting industries: healthcare, technology, and artificial intelligence.”
David McMinn PhDLay Summaries Practice Leader
There's no ego at Sorcero. It's the best part of being on this team! Ideas are what power our innovation and everyone's are welcomed, encouraged, and considered. You'll never find a more intelligent, talented, humble, or welcoming group. Just be sure to mute your computer when we sing Happy Birthday. Carrying a tune is not our strong suit.
Alyssa Hulahan-CastellanoSales Director

The Sorcero Leadership Team

Our leadership team has built platforms that transformed global markets and billions of lives.
Together, we will enhance and expand the capacity of life sciences enterprises, creating vast impact.

Human + AI > Human or AI Alone

Careers at Sorcero

At Sorcero, we prioritize the relentless pursuit of mastery. We honor kindness and empathy towards others, both within our teams and beyond. We learn and grow in the face of defeat and from our successes. Ultimately, we emphasize the impact and the potential of large-scale, positive change.

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