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Medical Affairs

Medical Insights
Management (MIM)

Capture critical insights from all relevant sources, from CRM notes to Medical Information and Advisory Boards, in an AI-augmented, centralized, strategic command center.

MIM Use Cases:

Clear, real-time insights.

Centralize disparate medical insights across your medical affairs team and analyze the most relevant information.

sentiment validation

Accelerate Analysis

Aggregate insights to identify trends and validate the sentiment.

healthcare providers

Improve Communication

Inform stakeholders in near real-time with more context and less bias.

medical insights

Inform Strategy

Directly derive strategy from collective medical insights.

MIM Delivers:

Centralized visualization.

Sorcero’s centralized Medical Insights dashboard extracts relevant information and trends from across your medical affairs team. Unstructured text is automatically smart-tagged and contextually evaluated for rank and sort order. Filters can also be applied, including product, specialty, region, and strategic imperative. A validation workflow is applied to provide recommendations for adjudicating insights versus observations and to suggest the next best actions.

- Centralized dashboard
- Automated smart-tagging
- Contextual evaluation
- Filters
- Validation workflow

medical affairs

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