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AI Insights from Literature in Medical Affairs
Christina Cullen
Apr 14, 2022

Leveraging AI for Insights from Scientific Literature [Fact Sheet]

AI can deliver exponential value to Medical Affairs. From aggregating and enriching KOL insights to real-time scientific content monitoring, the possibilities are transformative. 

The Evolving Role of AI in Medical Affairs

As novel AI technology gains traction across the field, Medical Affairs executives and professionals are ready to learn more about what’s behind the technology. How are insights being uncovered, and how can they be used in practice?

The fact sheet below outlines: (1) the families of AI applicable to publications, (2) new applications of Language Intelligence to deliver value, (3) the benefits of an AI + expert partnership, and (4) how to integrate AI into MA functions.

These takeaways are designed to help MA teams identify best practices for the successful deployment of AI technologies. 

Download the Fact Sheet PDF - The New Role of AI in Medical Affairs

Fact Sheet: The Emerging Role of AI in Extracting Complex Insights from Scientific Literature 

Leveraging AI Insights from Scientific Literature [Fact Sheet]

Leveraging AI Insights from Scientific Literature [Fact Sheet]


Download the Fact Sheet: Mapping AI to Medical Affairs Workflows


Mapping AI to Medical Affairs Functions

There’s no doubt that Medical Affairs can derive value from artificial intelligence. The next step is to put it into practice and evaluate how it can augment various workflows. 

Generate evidence around the appropriate, safe, and effective use of medicines

  • Track medical literature, clinical trials, congresses, clinical claims, and social channels to generate emerging evidence, trends, and consensus. 
  • Design and execute clinical trials for in-market therapies to update drug labels to expand the use of key medicines and enable reimbursement for new patient populations/indications.

Disseminate evidence to Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Healthcare Providers (HCPs), and Market Access and Sales teams

  • Auto-generate materials and presentations for MSLs on Field Medical Teams
  • Respond to HCP queries with validated information via Medical Information channels
  • Write and publish research, meta-analyses, and findings from the field in journals and congresses
  • Produce Real-World Evidence and data reports 
  • Aggregate and author HEOR to Market Access teams, Payers, and reimbursement teams at Providers (Hospitals and Specialty Pharmacy)

Capture insights that inform scientific and medical strategy 

  • Centralize insights from MSL engagements, medical information inquiries, HCP Advisory Boards, and research findings from therapeutic teams to drive strategy

Enable Compliance and Regulatory Affairs

  • Maintain in-market compliance and adherence to local regulations, including pharmacovigilance, safety, efficacy, and write up adverse events or label updates.

Medical Strategy to inform Target Patient Profiles (TPPs)

  • Build the medical brand of scientific excellence and provide situational analysis on the state of the science, product profile, therapeutic landscape, patient populations, and key insights to develop strategic plans. 


Meet the Facilitators:

Richard Graves Matt Lewis Tim_Mikhellashvili

Richard Graves, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Sorcero

Matt Lewis MPA, Global Chief Medical Analytics and Innovation Officer at MEDiSTRAVA

Tim Mikhelashvili PharmD, CEO & Co-founder of Amedea Pharma Inc

This March 2022, panelists Richard Graves, Matt Lewis MPA, and Tim Mikhelashvili PharmD presented on the topic "The Emerging Role of AI in Extracting Complex Insights from Scientific Literature" at The Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) 2022 Global Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. 

Hot Topic Roundtable Synopsis:

Global medical strategies are often based on an HQ perspective through insights from established sources, such as global trials and global advisory boards. This session will explore how the focus on securing one voice worldwide — and the ability to measure the impact of the strategy locally — calls for a need to secure an outside-in perspective by engaging the global organization through innovation in selecting and applying data to define the strategic process. 

Leading up to the event, Graves, Lewis, and Mikhelashvili held a webinar to discuss this hot topic. Link here you can watch the free recording of the webinar: The Emerging Role of AI in Extracting Complex Insights from Scientific Literature.

Emerging Role of AI in Extracting Complex Insights from Scientific Literature

During the webinar, our panel provided insight into the emerging role of AI in Medical Affairs. The key aspect of the role they focused on was literature monitoring and review.

Watch the free webinar recording: Free Webinar Recording - The Emerging Role of AI in Extracting Complex Insights from Scientific Literature

Access Free Webinar Recording

To learn more about the potential impact of AI-powered insights on your organization, connect with our team today.



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