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Christina Cullen
Aug 23, 2022

Digital Clarity Episode 2: Streamlining Insights Management

Did you catch the second episode of the Digital Clarity: Medical Affairs Innovation Series?

If not, you can watch the on-demand webinar, “Applying AI to Medical Affairs: Streamlining Insights Management,” Link here.

Watch the Webinar On-Demand


Inside Episode 2: Applying AI to Medical Affairs: Streamlining Insights Management

There are more diverse sources of medical insights than ever before. Today, it can be a manual challenge for Medical Affairs to connect and communicate this data in one cohesive story. 

To face this challenge, Medical Affairs teams are innovating with artificial intelligence that can unify diverse sources of medical insights.


In this webinar, we demonstrated how Medical Affairs can streamline insights management to drive strategic action and improve health outcomes. You’ll learn: 

1. New Medical Insights Management Opportunities: Current opportunities and challenges for medical insights management in Medical Affairs 

2. How to Apply AI to Medical Insights: How artificial intelligence can help Medical Affairs unify data, identify actionable insights, and demonstrate value 

3. How to Put AI into Practice: Actionable steps for integrating AI analytics into your workflows with Medical Insights Management (MIM)


About the Digital Clarity: Medical Affairs Innovation Series

Today, there’s an unprecedented need in Life Sciences to sort information from insights that influence outcomes. 

At Sorcero, we help Medical Affairs focus on what these insights actually mean.

Join our biweekly Digital Clarity webinars to examine use cases and best practices for utilizing the latest artificial intelligence and analytics solutions in Medical Affairs. 

In this series, you’ll learn:

  • How to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to Medical Affairs workflows, including literature monitoring and insights management
  • How to unify, enrich, and analyze medical content and data to make better, faster data-driven decisions across Medical Affairs
  • How to use the Sorcero Clarity platform to generate evidence, uncover actionable insights, and demonstrate value at superhuman speeds

The main goal of Digital Clarity is to help Medical Affairs craft high-impact solutions to complex problems. 


Digital Clarity On-Demand

You can also catch the first webinar in the Digital Clarity series free on-demand Link here

In this webinar, “Applying AI to Medical Affairs: Streamlining Medical Literature Monitoring,” we explore how artificial intelligence (AI) can help ease the manual medical literature monitoring burden. 

Digital Clarity Streamlining Literature Monitoring

We break down key topics including how to unify medical literature, uncover key insights, and generate summaries.

We also show what this looks like in practice with Sorcero’s Intelligent Publication Monitoring (IPM). 

Watch Digital Clarity Episode One: Applying AI to Medical Affairs: Streamlining Medical Literature Monitoring On-Demand Here


Watch the Webinar On-Demand



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