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Walid Saba Prof Noam Chomsky MLST
Christina Cullen
Jul 11, 2022

Sr. Scientist Dr. Walid Saba joins Professor Noam Chomsky on MLST

In the new special edition episode of Machine Learning Street Talk (MLST), a podcast featuring leading thinkers in the AI space, Sorcero Senior Scientist and NLU expert Dr. Walid Saba joins hosts Dr. Tim Scarfe and Dr. Keith Duggar for an unforgettable conversation with Professor Noam Chomsky. 

Machine Learning Street Talk Noam Chomsky

Watch the full length interview with Prof. Chomsky on the Machine Learning Street Talk channel 

Prof. Chomsky is regarded as the father of modern linguistics. He stands to be one of the most influential intellectuals of the 20th century. In this conversation, Prof. Chomsky shares his take on both the progress of linguistics and cognitive sciences, as well as the “deepest enduring mysteries of science and philosophy as a whole - exploring what may lie beyond our limits of understanding.”

In today's world, there are many gaps between claims and realities of progress when it comes to artificial intelligence. This interview explores these misconceptions, as well as “some of the profound misunderstandings of linguistics in general and Chomsky’s own work specifically which have persisted, at the highest levels of academia for over sixty years.” 

The conversation leans into connectionism and large language models (LLMs), as well as the “quest to discover an intelligible world and the boundaries between silicon and biology.”

Walid Saba Noam Chomsky

Watch the interview with Prof. Noam Chomsky on the Machine Learning Street Talk channel 


Machine Learning Street Talk has also produced an introduction section where the following are discussed in detail: 


  • Dr. Tim Scarfe, CEO of Machine Learning Street Talk and Myrge
  • Dr. Keith Duggar, Global Technology Lead at Microsoft
  • Dr. Walid Saba, Senior Scientist at Sorcero

You can read the full interview transcript here, or listen to the podcast below. 


You can learn more about Dr. Walid Saba and the work he is doing at Sorcero in our Employee Spotlight interview.

Dr. Saba has also shared his take on benchmarking progress in language understanding in this blog: Towards Meaningful Benchmarks for Measuring Progress in Language Understanding. 





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