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Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das at Data Con LA 2022
Christina Cullen
Aug 12, 2022

On-Demand: Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das at Data Con LA 2022

Is Vertical SaaS the perfect match for the needs of the modern life sciences enterprise? 

What are the opportunities and challenges for building a Vertical SaaS company in a Horizontal SaaS world? How does transparent AI enable More equitable products?

This week at Data Con LA 2022, Sorcero CEO and Co-founder Dipanwita Das explores her journey as the founder of a Vertical SaaS company in the life sciences industry.

In her on-demand presentation, Das sheds light on what it takes to build a software company focused on owning a single market with mission-critical products, rather than small shares across a number of markets. 

You can watch her on-demand presentation at Data Con LA 2022 virtually here. 


Watch the session on-demand


The Vision of Vertical SaaS

For Das, diving deeper into the needs of life sciences to improve patient health was an essential undertaking.

As she explains, “Previous to Sorcero, I build digital scientific platforms for the world’s largest public health effort. Sorcero grew out of the challenges we faced in communicating health science.” 

To address these challenges, today the Sorcero Clarity platform serves leading life sciences enterprises in transforming how they collect and communicate their most critical scientific and product data.

In this session, Das explains how the challenges of growing unstructured healthcare content and increasing regulations, paired with breakthroughs in large language AI, spurred this development. How does it all come together?

“Enterprise data is vast and messy,” Das shares. “That makes it perfect for domain-specific AI that is learning different unstructured data types. It's also delivering value by making that data more usable and accessible through a set of very specific analytics and workflows.” 

Data, naturally, is a central theme of Data Con LA 2022. As the largest data conference in Southern California, Data Con LA features one of the most vibrant gatherings of data and technology enthusiasts. 

So, what is the 3-layered approach to enterprise architecture that makes Vertical SaaS and AI the perfect match for the modern enterprise? 

“First, Vertical SaaS companies deliver value to their market by serving mission-critical industry specific workflows. Second, Vertical SaaS brings to bear domain-specific AI which focuses on delivering precision processing of industry-specific data by learning specific flows for insights," Das explains. 

For the third layer she asks, “What is good data? When Enterprise AI meets Vertical SaaS, it becomes an inextricable part of the customer’s value chain, with domain-specific workflows and data processing that unlocks messy enterprise data to augment critical decisions.” 

To watch the full on-demand session, you can visit the Data Con LA 2022 schedule of events. 

Watch the session on-demand


To learn more about how Sorcero eliminates manual reporting with powerful analytical tools, you can take a live tour of the Clarity platform today >>


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