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Medical Analytics

Clarity Medical Analytics (CMA)

Gain a strategic advantage across your disease and therapeutic areas by bringing together advanced analytics for all areas of scientific engagement into one powerful dashboard.


Clear, strategic vision.

Track key measures across all areas of scientific engagement, including Medical Voice of the Customer and Scientific Share of Voice.

evidence generation

Generate Evidence

Analyze scientific and medical content at superhuman speeds to extract the most valuable evidence and power patient-centric decision making.

medical strategy

Unify Strategy

Surface emerging evidence and trends to drive improved strategic decision-making across the entire product lifecycle.

value of medical affairs

Demonstrate Value

Highlight medical affairs' impact and contribution across all areas of scientific engagement.

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Discover Clarity

Track key measures across all areas of scientific engagement.

Clarity Medical Analytics places Medical Affairs at the center of strategic vision. Generate evidence in real-time with omnichannel medical analytics.

Discover Clarity Medical Analytics

Core Features

Real-time omnichannel medical analytics.

- Unified ingestion of unstructured and structured data
- Single Source of Truth (SSoT) for internal and external data
- Medical Voice of the Customer (MVoC)
- Scientific Share of Voice (SSoV)
- Custom analytics dashboards and reporting exports


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Additional Applications

Explore the Clarity Platform

Sorcero's Clarity Platform eliminates data silos and manual reporting with tools to capture, enrich, and analyze results.

medical insights

Medical Insights Management (MIM)

Capture 300% more insights and reduce the time to surface key findings from months to real-time.

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medical publications

Intelligent Publication Monitoring (IPM)

Identify the most clinically impactful content for competitive intelligence, compliance, and evidence generation.

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