Enhancing Expertise
Transforms Critical Industries

The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform empowers experts in Insurance and Life Sciences with a deeper understanding of scientific, regulatory, and clinical content.


Turn Large Volumes of Content From Your Biggest Challenge Into Your Greatest Asset

In scientific industries, the sheer volume of content written in domain-specific language represents a difficult challenge.

The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform understands how terms and phrases are used in context, transforming unstructured content into a format that is optimized for Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications that experts can develop, manage, and deploy based on a new level of domain understanding. 


Language Intelligence Is Driving Digital Transformation In Sectors That Power The Global Economy

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Life Sciences

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Technical Knowledge Transfer


Greater Knowledge Improves Risk Mitigation

Access to critical information is the difference-maker when mitigating risk. The ability to better access and analyze the knowledge contained within your most complex content drives bottom-line results. The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform enables companies to develop applications that solve everything from medical overbilling to high property loss rates, reducing inefficiency while improving accuracy. That’s why Sorcero was named a Top 10 InsurTech company for 2020.



Augmented Expertise Drives Innovation

The Life Sciences sector is fundamentally driven by the mission to improve patient outcomes. Whether it’s transforming the review process for medical guidelines or building a knowledge base for better collaboration across labs, Sorcero’s Language Intelligence Platform delivers better outcomes for both patients and the bottom line.


Machine Learning Accelerates Human Skill-Building

The future depends on the next generation of workers acquiring technical knowledge necessary to operate in the modern economy. The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform understands the technical language in training documents, generating learning modules that focus on increased competency rather than fulfilling rote lesson requirements. Acquiring technical knowledge has never been more important, and Sorcero is providing solutions to the students who are preparing for careers that require specialized, technical skill sets.

Industry in Focus: Life Sciences

How Language Intelligence is Changing Life Sciences

While AI is a hot topic in the life sciences sector, the role of AI in Medical Affairs is often overlooked. At the same time, Medical Affairs itself is expanding and gaining importance, thus increasing the need for more sophisticated digital support tools. To learn more, download the white paper.

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How Language Intelligence Works for Customers

The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform has a wide variety of applications for customers in life and health insurance and life sciences. Learn more about what Language Intelligence is accomplishing across the world. Read Sorcero's latest use cases, including work with Roche and electrical training ALLIANCE (etA).


Tracking Change In Complex Policies And Guidelines

Sorcero's Language Intelligence technology has the power to track the changes in policy documents and medical guidelines over time, enabling enterprises to quickly adapt their decision-making to new information as it becomes available. Roche, the world's largest diagnostics company, engaged Sorcero for a proof of concept of this application that led to successful digital automation of the company's medical guidelines review process.  


Reducing Inefficiency and Boosting Revenue

Sorcero enables insurance companies to improve their data workflow for more accurate, fast, and intelligent claims processing. Our language intelligence platform reduces the need for human review, auto-extracting key data fields, and comparing them against historical claims documents within the context of how they use technical terminologies and ontologies. This solution not only saves time, it also increases the accuracy of the claims review workflow to reduce leakage and recoup revenue.


Building a Medical Affairs Knowledge Base

Medical Affairs teams need an easily interrogatable knowledge base of the understanding contained within treatments, case studies, regulations, and other documents. The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform understands industry- and company-specific language patterns to build an intuitive platform that provides authoritative answers to life sciences professionals who are coordinating their efforts across labs located in different cities, regions, and countries.



Enhancing Learning Modules For Critical Skills

electrical training ALLIANCE (eTA), the United States' leading resource for electrical skill training, partnered with Sorcero to transform their certification program from a time-based to competency-based system.  The physical limitation of actual classroom space created a bottleneck in the training pipeline, which Sorcero is helping to solve by making remote training programs more effective and reliable. Our intelligent applications are providing verified answers and enhanced support to students, instructors, and learning centers, facilitating training sessions that are more efficient and still meet all certification requirements.

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