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Dipanwita Das on the Authentically Successful Podcast
Christina Cullen
Jul 1, 2022

Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das on the Authentically Successful Show

Sorcero CEO and co-founder Dipanwita Das sits down on Authentically Successful to discuss what it takes to deliver state-of-the-art life sciences analytics and make better use of the world's knowledge. 

Nothing Artificial About Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das's Intelligence

Dipanwita Das, CEO and co-founder of Sorcero, comes from a long line of accomplished female scientists who endowed her with a legacy of service, problem solving and system sustainability. And as a leader, she doesn’t take that legacy lightly. In this podcast, you will hear how Das ended up founding not one, but two tech companies.

Founding Sorcero, an artificial intelligence and insights software platform that enables medical affairs teams to explore medically relevant content libraries, Das was on a mission to "bridge the gap between humans and acquiring the necessary data to make medically relevant decisions quickly."

She was adamant about helping medical personnel find information that they normally wouldn’t have found. And Sorcero’s investors couldn’t be more pleased. They appreciate Das’s leadership in overseeing a “scrappy” team that keeps building on the fit-to-purpose platform while exercising diligent capital efficiency. Or as Das puts it, an effective marriage of purpose and profit.

Das relates her mistakes as a CEO, her team’s success as a whole, and her delight in working in a field now staffed with many female leaders and workers.

She is committed to setting her team up for success through continuous improvement which means if one loses, they all lose. Working shoulder to shoulder, says Das, brings about the change necessary to keep Sorcero innovating and moving forward.

From "Startup to Success" - Authentically Successful

Authentically Successful showcases the stories of founders and CXOs on their journeys from startup to success. Hosted by Carol Shultz, founder and CEO of Vertical Elevation, a talent equity and leadership coaching and advisory firm specializing in strategic business planning, leadership development, and career coaching.

On the Authentically Successful show, Schultz encourages founders and CXOs of organizations who are known for, or who would like to be known for, their leadership and company culture to share their journey and expertise and discuss how they have grown their business and attract and grow talent within their organization.

Authentically Successful covers topics including:

  • Business challenges
  • Successes
  • Leadership
  • Company culture
  • Hiring the right fit
  • Featured guests' subject matter expertise 

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