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OCTOBER 19, 2021

Medistrava and Sorcero Partner to Provide AI Driven Language Intelligence Solutions to the Life Science Industry

Partnership is addressing the industry's critical need to rapidly distil, interpret, and action relevant, complex sets of scientific content at scale

LONDON and WASHINGTON, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- MEDiSTRAVA, the global medical division of Huntsworth, and Sorcero, leaders in AI-Powered Language Intelligence, today unveiled a new partnership to significantly improve the ability of life science companies to extract, interpret, and action scientific content

With a rapidly growing scientific literature and proliferation of medical insight sources and formats, the volume of information that life science companies need to process and make sense of is rising exponentially. A solution is needed to enable fast and scalable processing of this content, which cannot be managed by general-domain AI due to the subject matter specific and technical terminology within these scientific sources.

By offering access to cutting-edge Language Intelligence Solutions customized to the individual requirements of a broad range of life-science stakeholders, the MEDiSTRAVA/Sorcero partnership is positioned to provide deep expertise and innovative solutions.

Applications that the partnership's industry-leading approach would benefit include Intelligent Literature Monitoring and medical insight analysis and reporting. These are areas of interest to a broad range of functions including medical affairs, market access, regulatory, as well as competitive intelligence.

MEDiSTRAVA is well regarded industrywide for its depth of scientific and therapy area expertise, and it will apply these capabilities to both evaluating data and determining what it means for clients, as well as creating dashboards that would allow end-users to visualize and interact with the data in a user-friendly way. Sorcero's Language Intelligence Platform delivers decision-grade analytics and enables users to work efficiently to and access more in-depth and insightful data sets. By bringing this tool to the partnership, the Sorcero platform can improve the productivity of human analysts by up to 10 times.

Matt Lewis, Global Chief Medical Analytics and Innovation Officer of MEDiSTRAVA, commenting on today's announcement said, "We are delighted to announce this new partnership. Our close relationships with many of the key stakeholders in the life-science industry have made it increasingly clear that they have an urgent and growing need to rapidly search, analyze, and action relevant, complex, and large data sets of both scientific and medical content. This partnership with Sorcero has been designed to provide content analysis solutions that will significantly improve our clients' ability to generate insights to create a real competitive advantage and to enhance their decision-making."

Richard Graves, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Sorcero added, "We are confident that by partnering with MEDiSTRAVA, our industry-leading Language Intelligence Platform can play an increasingly important role in improving the efficiency and chances of success of the pharmaceutical industry. By working with MEDiSTRAVA, which has excellent relationships and a deep understanding of drug targets and therapy areas, I am confident that we will continue to drive the adoption of our AI-driven solutions so that they become more and more embedded in the processes and pathways of the industry's most successful companies."

To learn more, join us at HLTH 2021, October 17-20, at booth 1201-1 in the Start-Up Pavilion under the Plug and Play Tech Center.


About Sorcero

Sorcero is the leader in medical and technical Language Intelligence (LI), for Life Sciences and STEM enterprises. Its technology platform delivers a 1,000% increase in analytical capability and extracts complex insights to augment critical decision-making for some of the world's largest and most innovative pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and biotech organizations. Sorcero is privately held and headquartered in Washington, DC, and Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit


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