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Press Release

JULY 13, 2023

Sorcero AI Platform™ Accelerates Medical Affairs Teams' Ability to Improve Patient Outcomes with Medically-tuned Generative AI

Sorcero's proprietary platform enables Medical Affairs teams to gain a deeper understanding of medical content and accelerate the discovery of insights from months to minutes.


WASHINGTON, July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Sorcero, the leading provider of advanced AI solutions purpose-built for Life Sciences organizations, today announced an exciting new release of the Sorcero AI Platform. The solution enables Medical Affairs (MA) Teams to now to unify stakeholder data and accelerate data-driven decisions across the asset lifecycle. In particular, Sorcero now provides life sciences companies with an omnichannel view of the healthcare provider (HCP) journey across all touchpoints, critical to informing and planning Key Opinion Leader (KOL) engagement strategies. These new features are now available on the platform and via the Google Cloud Marketplace.

As Medical Affairs steps into a more prominent strategic role, they need to rely on better data and analytics to drive the decisions they make and the evidence they share with the medical field and to their organizations. Sorcero's medically-tuned AI leverages advanced algorithms and disease-focused ontologies to organize and understand how language is used in Life Sciences. Uniquely qualified to augment the MA mission, its patented technology delivers unprecedented accuracy on scientific content, delivered in an enterprise-grade compliant environment.

  • "Patients can't wait for better care. This release furthers our mission to accelerate the work of MA teams and inform medical decision-making that can get the right treatments to the right patients, faster than ever before," said Dipanwita Das, CEO and Co-founder, Sorcero. "For us, AI isn't just a buzzword, it's the foundation of our ground-breaking MA platform."

Sorcero's Summer 2023 release includes:

  • HCP-centric views available now in MIM facilitate an omnichannel view of the HCP journey. Interactive timelines, filterable lists, and drillable knowledge graphs accelerate KOL engagement analysis and planning.
  • New data visualizations such as geographic views and knowledge graphs provide new ways to consume and discover insights from stakeholder data enriched by Sorcero AI.
  • Customizable dashboards meet the analytical needs of Medical Affairs and its information customers across the enterprise.
  • Publication Analytics reduces the time to track the scientific landscape, conduct competitive analysis, and explore the breadth of scientific content.
  • Collections Management now enable users to build larger and more relevant collections, while still retaining curation and filtering capabilities.

The Sorcero AI Platform includes three products, Sorcero IPM™, Sorcero MIM™, and Sorcero PLS™ .
Sorcero IPM (Intelligent Publication Management) captures and analyzes biomedical content from the world's largest dataset of open-access scientific sources to identify the most clinically impactful content for competitive intelligence, compliance, and evidence generation.

Sorcero MIM (Medical Insight Management) revolutionizes the way Medical Affairs teams work by unifying information across all internal and external data sources and providing a single point of access to relevant topics that are tagged and organized by key details. Our AI-powered solution removes information silos and delivers 300% more insight data while reducing time to surface emerging trends from weeks to minutes.

Sorcero PLS (Plain Language Summaries) Service, enables life sciences organizations to reach broader audiences by compacting complex scientific and medical data into easily understandable language that meets new regulations and drives scientific engagement by over 16x.


Media Contact

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