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SEPTEMBER 27, 2023

Sorcero AI PlatformTM  Transforms Medical Affairs Teams for Improved Patient Outcomes in Fall '23 Release 

The Sorcero AI Platform, now in its fifth year, enables medical decision makers to deepen their understanding of the use and efficacy of their products using medically-tuned AI.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Sorcero, the leading provider of advanced AI solutions purpose-built for Life Sciences organizations, today announced the expansion of the Sorcero AI Platform to include Sorcero iSLR™ for Systematic Literature Review and Sorcero PLS™ for Plain Language Summaries. The new solutions broaden the scope of Sorcero's omnichannel analytics platform as the firm continues to add new ways to help Medical Affairs teams (MA) uncover more insights from a multitude of sources in significantly less time.

Gleaning insights from scientific data has traditionally been a very manual process. The proliferation of relevant data sources – publications, healthcare provider (HCP) data, surveys, KOL engagement platforms, structured datasets, and other research – has multiplied the challenges faced by MA teams. Sorcero's AI assists these teams in finding the insights that help to improve patient outcomes in time frames that matter to those waiting on better treatments. Sorcero turns troves of data into assets, not liabilities.


Key additions to the Sorcero AI Platform, Fall '23 Release:

  • Sorcero iSLR. Sorcero's platform now powers intelligent systematic literature reviews, accelerating evidence generation up to 90% faster than traditional methods, thereby accelerating the timeline between the discovery of life-changing therapies and delivery to patients who need them.

  • Sorcero PLS. Sorcero dramatically shortens the time needed to produce abstract and publication companion plain language summaries tailored to specific audiences while exceeding the state of the art in accessibility and FDA regulatory targets.

  • More omnichannel analytics. MA teams can now filter and segment Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) based on their interactions with the company as well as their scientific work at large, enabling effective engagement strategies.

  • More AI-based labeling of content. - The Sorcero AI Platform's library of AI-powered enrichments continues to expand with new capabilities to intelligently identify discussions and concerns about critical topics such as safety and efficacy that pure NLP approaches cannot handle.


"Our philosophy has always centered on improving patient outcomes," commented Dipanwita Das, CEO and co-founder, Sorcero. "With Sorcero's AI platform, Medical Affairs teams can capitalize on the abundance of biomedical data to accelerate the adoption of their life-saving therapies."

"As Medical Affairs continues to expand its scope of strategic responsibilities, they need tools purpose built for their needs. MA Teams share information with stakeholders across the organization and work together to make critical medical decisions," said Nithi Vivatrat, chief product officer at Sorcero. "In this release, Sorcero enhanced capabilities to help teams collaboratively build folders of evidence, accelerate discovery of medical insights, and export data and reports to drive internal business processes."


The Sorcero AI Platform includes four products, Sorcero IPM™, Sorcero MIM™, Sorcero PLS™, Sorcero iSLR™.

  • Sorcero IPM (Intelligent Publication Management) captures and analyzes biomedical content from the world's largest dataset of open-access scientific sources to identify the most clinically impactful content for competitive intelligence, compliance, and evidence generation.

  • Sorcero MIM (Medical Insight Management) revolutionizes the way Medical Affairs teams work by unifying evidence across all internal and external data sources. Our AI-powered solution enables data exploration, evidence collection, and automated recommendations to improve patient outcomes, expand awareness, and track impact. Sorcero MIM removes information silos and delivers 300% more insight data while reducing time to surface emerging trends from weeks to minutes.

  • Sorcero PLS (Plain Language Summaries) Service enables life sciences organizations to generate plain language deliverables at scale to reach broader audiences. Our solution compacts complex scientific and medical data into easily understandable language that meets new regulations and drives scientific engagement.

  • Sorcero iSLR (Intelligent Systematic Literature Review) powers teams working on efficacy, safety, and value evidence efforts by increasing the scalability of evidence generation. Via collaboration tools and AI-enhanced workflows, these teams now have the high-quality evidence they need to inform strategic decision making and product adoption.

Sorcero CEO and Co-founder, Dipanwita Das will be participating in a webinar titled, AI: The Key to Revolutionizing Medical Affairs? held in conjunction with Reuters on September 28, 2023. 


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