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Press Release

JANUARY 22, 2024

Sorcero AI PlatformTM  Unlocks Complete Product Insights from Medical Data with New Instant Insights EngineTM

The Winter '24 Release pairs proprietary algorithms with the largest medical and scientific data ecosystem to deliver personalized insights to life sciences organizations.


WASHINGTON, DC, January 22, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Sorcero, the leading provider of advanced AI solutions purpose-built for Life Sciences, today announced the Sorcero Instant Insights Engine, which helps Medical Affairs teams extract deeper meaning from medical data to accelerate and improve decision making.

Medical affairs teams have access to more data than ever before – yet still struggle to sift through, analyze, and connect the dots across information when using traditional analysis. With Sorcero’s Instant Insights Engine, Medical Affairs teams can now ask and answer complex medical questions across all their internal and external data using a simple conversational interface that mirrors the experience of chatting with an expert colleague.

Sorcero’s Instant Insights Engine generates responses based on AI analysis of medical themes in notes and conversational data instead of keywords, providing high-quality yet easy-to-understand answers to even the most complex business product questions. Building on the intuitive interface using Natural Language Querying (NLQ), Sorcero surfaces insights from structured and unstructured sources like field medical notes, advisory board transcripts, surveys, medical inquiries, and 50 more sources. With so much crucial medical information locked up in these unstructured formats, Sorcero’s Instant Insights Engine taps into a significantly wider range of data than any medical platform ever has achieved to give complete visibility into the challenges and opportunities for the adoption of therapeutics. 

To extract the full value from this information, Sorcero’s AI-powered data unification and categorization optimizes how information is structured and then accessed through the Sorcero interface. Leveraging proprietary medically tuned algorithms, Sorcero automatically interprets information based on complex medical concepts, opinions, and sentiment before categorizing insights into key insight categories like Safety, Efficacy, and Novel Use. These themes power the high-quality, AI-generated responses that teams access via Sorcero’s Instant Insights Engine, which far surpasses keyword-based search or generic generative AI tools. To ensure accuracy, Sorcero’s built-in guardrails ground insights in evidence that tie back to source information so teams always know where answers originate.

“Our customers want to extract actionable insights from the sum of their internal unstructured content,” commented Nithi Vivatrat, Chief Product Officer, Sorcero. “Sorcero delivers more relevant and comprehensive results faster by mapping queries to conceptual topics and themes that provide a complete picture of your product’s performance instantly.”

The newly released Instant Insights Engine and AI-powered data categorization build upon Sorcero’s existing medical ontologies and AI-powered solutions to extract more insights from a wider set of data. Now, teams can spend less time hunting for and validating information and more time applying insights to improve decision-making and patient outcomes across the product lifecycle.

Also in this release, global maps have been added to enable visualization of insights by country, giving users a deeper understanding of geographic trends. Customizable tooltips and tours are also now available for users to quickly learn how the platform works by hovering over a tooltip, or by clicking through a guided tour of the interface. Other enhancements include new report generation capabilities for business/executive audiences, such as custom dashboard layouts, and reporting widgets.


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