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APRIL 25, 2024

Sorcero Announces New Scientific Sentiment™ to Revolutionize Pharma Engagement Strategies

Leading Life Sciences AI Platform enables strategic decision-making and targeted communication with real-time analytics on KOL/HCP product perception in Spring 2024 Release

WASHINGTON, DC April 25, 2024 -- Sorcero, the leading provider of advanced AI solutions purpose-built for life sciences, today announced the release of Scientific Sentiment, enabling Life Sciences teams, for the first time, to quantify product perception across KOLs and the market to more accurately measure trends, identify evidence gaps, and quantify the ROI of outreach efforts. By leveraging the most advanced medically-tuned large language models and combining them with Sorcero’s innovative  Intelligent Medical Themes™(IMT), Scientific Sentiment accelerates and unlocks a deeper understanding of efficacy and safety information. Armed with these sentiment insights, Medical Affairs teams can now confidently prioritize the next best actions to drive product adoption and better serve patient needs.

Traditionally, sentiment analysis has burdened medical affairs teams by requiring them to manually label KOL/HCP interactions. Given the increasingly large volumes of data that medical affairs must analyze, this time-consuming process limits scalability and forces teams to rely on outdated sentiment insights. Furthermore, manual sentiment analysis is inherently subjective, which can introduce unintended bias. While recent off-the-shelf sentiment solutions have attempted to solve this problem, these AI tools lack scientific understanding and struggle with ambiguity and an over-reliance on rigid data labels. Sorcero’s Scientific Sentiment revolutionizes sentiment analysis by leveraging advanced large language models and AI capabilities that understand the scientific context and can seamlessly process large datasets.

Sorcero Scientific Sentiment uses the platform’s patented IMT to automatically detect KOL/HCP sentiment on efficacy and safety topics found in vast quantities of structured and unstructured data. Medical topics are particularly difficult for traditional Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods to correctly categorize into themes. IMT uses Sorcero AI’s medically-tuned LLMs and ontologies to automatically identify complex medical themes, going beyond concept tagging and identifying content with safety, efficacy, or access concerns on specific products. The combination of these AI-driven features allows for more comprehensive analysis that gives medical affairs teams a deep understanding of safety and efficacy sentiment gathered across multiple sources in real-time. Teams can now:

  • Quantify how KOLs and HCPs feel about the safety and efficacy of their product
  • Measure the trends and changes in sentiment over time
  • Measure the impact of KOL/HCP engagement activities
  • Segment and plan engagement with KOLs/HCPs based on Scientific Sentiment
  • Provide better support to adjacent teams such as MSLs and sales reps on their field engagements

“This new functionality provides teams with a systematic approach to measuring medical affairs functions that is more practical, structured, and complete,” commented Richard Graves, Co-founder and CCO, Sorcero. “With a more comprehensive view of opinion than ever before, Sorcero’s Scientific Sentiment helps give customers a better sense of how their KOLs feel about specific topics, and how these sentiments change over time.”

Sorcero is empowering Medical Affairs teams to make data-driven decisions faster by providing access to relevant data and generating quantitative metrics that inform strategic planning. Sorcero Scientific Sentiment can also be used as a key performance indicator (KPI) to measure the impact of engagement strategies and guide future initiatives.


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