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On-demand Webinar

AI: The Key to Revolutionizing Medical Affairs

Explore the transformative intersection of artificial intelligence and medical affairs with this on-demand recording. Organized by Reuters and featuring Sorcero Co-founder and CEO, Dipwanwita Das, you'll gain valuable insights from industry experts at leading pharmaceutical companies.


Neeraj Goel Mittal – GSK   |   John Wahba – Gilead & Kite Oncology   |   Natasha Hansjee – Roche   |   Kishan Rees – Bayer   |   Dipanwita Das – Sorcero

Key Discussion Points:

The Future of
Medical Affairs
with AI
Gain insights into how AI is shaping the future landscape of medical affairs and what it means for healthcare professionals.

Harnessing AI for Improved
Patient Outcomes
Explore the ways in which artificial intelligence is being harnessed to enhance patient outcomes and revolutionize healthcare practices.
Navigating AI in the World of Risk and Regulation
Understand the challenges and opportunities of integrating AI into the healthcare sector, considering regulatory frameworks and risk management.
Advocating for AI Adoption in Your Organization
Discover strategies for advocating and implementing AI adoption within your organization, ensuring a seamless integration that aligns with your goals.