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March 21, 2022

Sorcero Announces the Launch of Clarity

Medical Affairs Teams Gain a Strategic Advantage With Unified Analytics and Visualization Across All Areas of Scientific Engagement 

Washington, DC, and Cambridge, MA – March 21, 2022 - Sorcero, the leading Life Sciences Language Intelligence Platform, announced the launch of their Clarity product today. For the first time, Clarity provides medical affairs teams with a unified view across all areas of scientific engagement. Life Sciences leaders have needed a strategic understanding of their scientific impact for a long time. Until Clarity, they were not able to centralize their strategy around evidence generation, publication planning, medical information, medical insights, and HEOR. 

With Sorcero's AI-powered analytics, they can track and visualize medical content at scale. This includes literature, clinical trials, congresses, social media, CRM data, medical insights, and internal data lakes. Clarity surfaces emerging evidence, trends and drives better strategic decisions across the entire product lifecycle.

Medical affairs is becoming the third pillar of Life Sciences. Driven by demand for evidence-based and precision medicine, they must generate and disseminate evidence from more data sources than ever before, all while medical content is growing in both complexity and scale at a 36% CAGR. Clarity makes it possible to keep up and stay ahead, turning this deluge of information from their greatest challenge into their greatest asset. Clarity analyzes scientific and medical content at superhuman speeds to extract the most valuable evidence and power patient-centric decision making.

"At Sorcero, we are thrilled to support better decision making in support of improving patient outcomes," said Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das. "We built Clarity to serve the need we heard loud and clear from the hundreds of interviews we conducted with medical affairs leaders. Their first ask was a unified view and analytics to drive actionable health outcomes informed by medical advances."

Clarity provides unprecedented accuracy and scale in extracting knowledge from life sciences content. Sorcero recently published real-world results from their AI hitting 96.1% NPV, the first life sciences language model to achieve regulatory-grade performance on medical literature.

About Sorcero

Sorcero is the leading life sciences language intelligence platform. Its advanced analytics enable 40% of the top 10 global life sciences organizations to gain clarity and complete visibility on the efficacy and impact of their scientific engagement on patient outcomes. Medical affairs teams rely on Sorcero to 10x their productivity, generate evidence, manage insights, and transform their medical strategy with real-time advanced analytics across the therapeutic landscape. 

Sorcero is privately held and headquartered in Washington, DC, and Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit www.Sorcero.com.

Elizabeth Venafro
Elizabeth Venafro Elizabeth is a B2B and B2G modern marketing technologist with experience at small and large organizations across diverse industries. Prior to joining Sorcero, Elizabeth was the Director of Marketing at Omnilert, pioneer of the next generation in emergency management, and Unison, the leading provider of acquisition management software to government agencies and contractors. She also co-founded and was the managing partner of the Konvergent social engagement platform, as well as the Director of Global Marketing Communications for medical device manufacturer K2M (acquired by Stryker) from start-up through IPO. Elizabeth graduated magna cum laude from James Madison University with a Bachelors in Business Administration and is the proud wife and mother of two girls.


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