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Press Release

MARCH 19, 2024

Sorcero Named to Fast Company’s Annual List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024, #1 in Small & Mighty Category

Leading life sciences AI platform recognized for accelerating patient access to breakthrough therapies, joining the ranks of Nvidia, YouTube, and more.

WASHINGTON, DC March 19, 2024 --Sorcero, the transformative AI platform for life sciences, has been named to Fast Company’s prestigious list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2024, as No. 1 in the Small and Mighty Category. The list recognizes businesses that profoundly impact industry and culture through innovation.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized by Fast Company for our work in revolutionizing patient care with AI,” said Dipanwita Das, CEO and Co-founder of Sorcero. “We operate at the intersection of the two biggest arenas of transformative innovation today, AI and healthcare. This award validates our mission to empower life sciences leaders and help more patients access the right treatments at the right time, offering hope to millions of patients with unmet needs around the globe.” 

Patients – and their quality of life – shouldn’t have to wait for an overtaxed healthcare system to provide guidance on complex treatments six months too late. The integration of medically-tuned AI in the life sciences industry is ushering in a new era of patient-centric treatments, making the right medicine available to the right patients at the right time.


Transforming Patient Care with AI
Sorcero’s medical AI platform is a gamechanger for the life sciences industry, helping 23% of the top global pharmaceutical companies process vast amounts of medical data with unparalleled speed and accuracy. It has delivered over 1 million AI-generated summaries of complex medical publications, and its Instant Instant Enginetm drives quicker, more informed global medical decisions.

Powering Scientific Progress and Novel Treatments.
Covering hundreds of millions of scientific publications, billions of patient encounters, nearly half of a million clinical trials, and millions of global physician interactions, the Sorcero AI platform securely deploys, augments, and medically-tunes frontier AI models like Google’s Gemini and Anthropic’s Claude for real-time analytics. By extracting validated insights from a sea of data, Sorcero’s customers unlock evidence-based medicine and significant advances in patient treatments and outcomes.

Democratizing Medical Information.
Sorcero’s patented plain language summaries (Sorcero PLS™) make complex medical research accessible for everyone. Previously readable by less than one percent of the population, the solution generates summaries of medical publications that 84% of the population can understand. Sorcero PLS unlocks the science behind treatments and empowers patients to actively participate in their health journeys.


Sorcero’s medical AI platform transforms life sciences decision-making, accelerating patient access to life-saving treatments. By harnessing insights from global medical data, we empower industry leaders to deliver breakthrough therapies. Founded in 2018 by pioneers in AI, public health, and personalized content, Sorcero is a Certified B Corp headquartered in Washington, DC. Our innovation has been recognized by over a dozen awards and six foundational medical AI patents. Learn more at:


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