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May 30, 2019

Sorcero Releases New White Paper on AI for Workforce Training

Sorcero, an award-winning AI knowledge and learning platform company, has published a new white paper that examines the ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) can transform workforce training and prepare employees for the demands of a rapidly changing employment landscape. Specifically, the white paper highlights how AI personalizes on-the-job training with just-in-time learning journeys that significantly improve learning outcomes and boost productivity.

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In recent years, workforce training has been largely dominated by e-learning solutions. Most of these putative solutions, however, fail to engage online learners. Instead, they foster distraction and dissatisfaction in their target audience, offering no clear improvement over traditional methods.

Advances in AI, on the other hand, provide an opportunity to re-imagine workforce training in a way that makes it much more engaging and effective. By integrating AI into e-learning, Sorcero enables a greater degree of personalization, contextualization of knowledge, individualized learning pathways, and adaptive content. Further, AI-enabled, inquiry-based learning provides more transparency with continuous assessment and competency mapping.

“The real breakthrough isn’t the tech alone,” said Dipanwita Das, founder, and CEO of Sorcero, “but, rather, AI’s ability to apply long-known best education practices to the digital classroom.”

Indeed, Sorcero’s approach to education is rooted in inquiry-based learning (IBL), a model pioneered over a century ago by the educator John Dewey. The model tackles e-learning’s biggest problem, learner inattentiveness, head-on. Instead of treating learners as passive participants, it engages them to work toward a solution themselves, in the process discovering the limits of their knowledge. Once they’ve reached the edges of their abilities, it provides them with the correct information at the very moment it’s needed—ensuring that the information is relevant and can be immediately applied.

Sorcero is a personalized digital mentor that provides verified knowledge that automatically updates as technology, regulations, and best practices evolve, ensuring it’s always relevant. The technology leans on both course instruction and institutional knowledge, providing a direct channel to the organization’s approved instructors for final oversight. In addition, by individualizing training, Sorcero’s digital mentor can follow up on material recently learned just as the knowledge starts to fade, ensuring that employees retain learning objectives for the long term.

Sorcero’s unique approach to integrating AI in workforce training is designed to turn company knowledge and training into an on-the-job lifetime companion, resulting in a smarter, more informed, and more productive workforce.

Specific use cases for Sorcero’s learning platform include adult learning, skill training, instructor support and lifelong learning.

“By integrating Sorcero with learning management systems and business applications such as Slack, Salesforce, and a wide array of other business applications,” Das said, “Sorcero embeds knowledge and learning directly into daily workflow.”

About Sorcero

Sorcero is an AI-based knowledge and learning platform company that is transforming the future of work. Sorcero combines machine learning with a powerful natural language understanding engine that augments human knowledge and performance. Sorcero's technology helps organizations use the latest AI advances to create frictionless access to trusted answers, knowledge, and learning.

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