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Zeinab SulaimanJun 13, 20249 min read

Advice from the Experts: Unlocking Field Medical’s Power with AI

The Sorcero team sat down with medical experts Ralph Rewers (Gilead Sciences), Patrina ...
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Richard GravesFeb 28, 20243 min read

Uncover Buried Insights with Sorcero's Instant Insights Engine™

Richard Graves – Sorcero CCO, and Co-founder At Sorcero, we know that data is only as ...
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David McMinnDec 13, 20234 min read

Sorcero AI-powered MIM: Revolutionizing insights

David McMinn, PhD – Lay Summaries Practice Leader As a medical director for nearly a ...
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Alyssa Hulahan-CastellanoNov 20, 20234 min read

A Changing Hierarchy Why Medical Affairs is reaching for the top

The pharmaceutical industry is evolving, and as the traditional commercial model shifts, ...
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Christina CullenAug 18, 20225 min read

3 Ways to Capture & Share Insights FROM BIOMEDICAL LITERATURE WITH IPM

From 2018 to 2020, the volume of articles on SCImago and Dimensions grew by over one ...
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Christina CullenJul 27, 20228 min read

How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Medical Affairs Data

Data is rising and Medical Affairs is taking full advantage of the surge. With better ...
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Christina CullenJun 9, 20228 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel Life Sciences Analytics

Data is everywhere in our digital world. Like in many industries, life sciences and ...
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Christina CullenJun 2, 20224 min read

How Medical Directors Use Omnichannel Analytics to Stay Ahead

Medical developments and emerging data can be powerful tools for transforming how ...
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Christina CullenMay 5, 20225 min read

The Impact of Medical Affairs [+ How to Tell the Full Story]

Medical Affairs (MA) has greater strategic influence than ever before.
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Christina CullenApr 28, 20226 min read

5 Ways AI Can Support KOL Engagement

Medical Affairs provides value to the life sciences and health care in many forms, and ...
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Elizabeth VenafroMar 21, 20222 min read

Sorcero Announces the Launch of Clarity

Medical Affairs Teams Gain a Strategic Advantage With Unified Analytics and Visualization ...
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Christina CullenMar 15, 20226 min read

4 Tips for Implementing New Technology in Medical Affairs

The surge of scientific content and data in Medical Affairs is here to stay. The volume ...
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Christina CullenMar 9, 20226 min read

Measuring Medical Affairs' Value in Real-Time

As the role of Medical Affairs evolves and expands, so does its value.
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