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May 12, 2022

The 18th Annual Meeting of ISMPP: 2022 Top Takeaways + Industry Trends

Sorcero was proud to join over 600 medical publications and medical communications professionals at the 18th Annual Meeting of ISMPP (International Society for Medical Publication Professionals) in Washington DC from May 9-11, 2022.

The ISMPP US Annual Meeting featured three days of innovative best practices guiding medical publications and medical communications in 2022. The theme of this year’s event, “Future-Ready Medical Communications,” comes at a pivotal moment as medical communications are now “recognized as an irreplaceable gear in the systematic delivery of medical research to health care decision-makers.” The conference showcased both the maturity of the field and the advancements driving it forward. 

The 18th Annual Meeting of ISMPP: Future-Ready Medical Communications

Throughout the conference, global and public impacts of the industry were a guiding focus. In our increasingly interconnected world, one major aspect of being “future-ready” in medical communications is to recognize and embrace new opportunities and challenges in areas such as diversity and inclusion, digital technology, and even the environment. 

ISMPP Annual Meeting 2022

Industry leaders shared discoveries and advice around areas including: 

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Social media and digital engagement
  • Data privacy
  • Data visualization
  • Scientific presentations
  • Navigating remote team environments
  • Patient voice
  • Digital innovation and artificial intelligence

New updates on GPP4, the fourth iteration of Good Publication Practice guidelines, were also shared. It is clear that there are many exciting things happening across the field and for patients. 

The Role of AI in Medical Communications and Medical Publications

The growing role of artificial intelligence was perhaps the most notable topic area. Particularly post-COVID, the volume of data sources to include within plans is a rising challenge for teams. Artificial intelligence provides capabilities to get ahold and get ahead of the data, as well as continue to incorporate real-world data and the voice of the patient. 


Intelligent Literature Monitoring Real-World Use Case: Sorcero Poster Presentation

Scientific and medical literature monitoring is an area that is making great strides through artificial intelligence. In particular, Intelligent Literature Monitoring (ILM) enables medical communications and medical publications to accelerate the tedious review process and increase productivity.

Sorcero presented the poster, “Intelligent Literature Monitoring with Integrated Artificial Intelligence: Transforming literature search and publication planning in real-time workflows” at the ISMPP conference. 

The poster showcased a real-world case study performed by members of Sorcero, MEDiSTRAVA, Coherus, and Moderna

Access the Full Case Study: Intelligent Literature Monitoring (ILM) with Integrated Artificial Intelligence 

The objective was to study the benefits of transforming literature monitoring from a manual report-based process into an intuitive, semi-automated, AI-driven process using Intelligent Literature Monitoring (ILM). 

What is Intelligent Literature Monitoring (ILM)?

  • Intelligent Literature Monitoring (ILM) is a new approach to systematic literature searches around defined areas of therapeutic domains. 
  • ILM leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its subset discipline Natural Language Processing (NLP). 
  • ILM extracts valuable insights from numerous medical publications in a centralized location, in near real-time.


Assess 2 approaches to continuous literature monitoring: 

  1. Manual search and output
  2. Semi-automated search, with AI integration and digital output, applied across search scenarios producing high (>250) and low (<100) volumes of results.

The study compared:

  • Man-hours
  • Sensitivity
  • Specificity
  • Versatility/Utility of outputs
  • Depth of insights

The digital output from a user experience perspective was also qualitatively assessed. 

Intelligent Literature Monitoring Case Study

Notably, the ILM method: 

  • Reduced monitoring time from 715 hours to 80 hours (88% reduction)
  • Delivered double-digit absolute performance improvements across all study types
  • Exceeded the 95% NPV threshold 

In the full case study, you can find more detailed information on the process, methods, and real-world results. 

Access the Full Case Study: Intelligent Literature Monitoring (ILM) with Integrated Artificial Intelligence 


Thank you, ISMPP!

That’s a wrap! Thank you again to the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) for organizing this unforgettable event. It was a wonderful opportunity to safely meet with such an inspiring group of 600+ global professionals.

The Sorcero team would love to stay in touch with everyone who attended the 18th Annual Meeting of ISMPP. Find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to stay connected! 





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