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December 23, 2020

How Language Intelligence Is Transforming Business Operating Models

Last week, Sorcero CEO Dipanwita Das joined Cainon Coates of Alumni Ventures Group for a discussion on AI for Good and Language Intelligence. In their wide-ranging conversation on AI’s past and present role in our society, Das focused on how AI that processes and writes human language has the potential to transform industries that are critical to the global economy. She described how Sorcero is creating a platform powered by Language Intelligence to provide important business applications for insurance, life sciences, and other STEM industries in the present day. With Language Intelligence, she explained, the benefits of AI can be realized right now, rather than years in the future. 


“My background is that of somebody who applies technology to the real world,” said Das. “I come from a background in product and in solving people’s problems.”

Das described the shift we are currently witnessing in how technology augments the work of subject matter experts in technical, scientific, and medical fields. The latest advancements are no longer focused on digital documents and content management systems. Instead, the most important breakthroughs involve AI tools that extract knowledge and insights from large volumes of content to augment expert decision making. And in order for these advancements to truly transform the business operating model of the sectors that power the global economy, enterprises need AI solutions that can understand language. 

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“At the end of the day, human beings represent knowledge in language. And that is the basis of all business. The work that we do everyday is based on language,” said Das.

Much of content that drives high-value workflows, however, is written in language that is siloed into highly technical domains. Das explained how this presents a challenge to most AI models. Humans rely on context to understand what they are reading. To augment expert workflows, machines must be able to do the same. 

Das gave the example of the following sentence written in technical language: 

“Client Arm is going to tender after current CVA oversight.” 

A passage like this, when encountered in a practical setting, could contain hidden acronyms, misspelling, idioms, referential grammar, and many other linguistic elements. As a result, the sentence could have different meanings based on the industrial context. 

In the field of electrical engineering, it could be referring to the company ‘ARM Holdings’ as a client and a project bid, or tender, following a mistake in the Central Volume Allocation of power. 


In the field of medical treatment, the sentence could refer to a patient’s arm that has become overly sensitive (‘too tender’) after the misdiagnosis of a cerebrovascular accident (CVA, also known as a stroke). 


Or in the financial industry, it could mean a division of the client’s company is up for sale after undergoing the oversight process for a Credit Valuation Adjustment, or perhaps it’s referring to a Company Valuation Agreements.


A human expert would be able to tell what the sentence means based on context. An AI that augments the work of subject experts needs to be able to do the same. 

Sorcero’s Language Intelligence Platform is engineered to bring context into language on an ongoing and modifiable basis. This allows the Platform to apply Language Intelligence across multiple different domains in ways that have practical business applications in critical industries. The Platform's understanding of domain-specific language enables unique capabilities that power more intelligent workflows for experts that must make decisions based on large volumes of technical content. 

Das described how Sorcero is building a world of work where human beings are able to use more of their time applying their expertise. In life sciences, for example, the Sorcero Platform augments teams reviewing medical literature and articles for information to update clinical guidelines. The platform surfaces the most important passages, empowering reviewers to rapidly incorporate the latest research into a smart diagnostic platform,  reducing diagnostic errors and time to treatment. In health insurance, the Sorcero Platform enables intelligent medical claims adjudication. It identifies which submitted forms need attention from a medical expert, which saves them time and reduces overbilling through increased accuracy.  

The Platform scales the amount of work that a human expert can accomplish, while increasing the accuracy of the work overall. An expert workflow that is 80% busywork and 20% critical decision-making is not only time consuming, it’s naturally prone to human error. Sorcero takes that equation and flips it on its head. 

Das also outlined how the Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform supercharges workflows with configurable pipelines that solve different types of problems. She described how, from an engineering perspective, Sorcero offers customers an intelligence layer that sits alongside their AI and data analytics systems. 

“The Platform makes that content more explainable, understandable, and usable,” explained Das. The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform provides unique capabilities in the workflows where experts are making decisions that are core to the business itself, based on technical content spread across a vast array of different sources. 

AI is sometimes thought of as a technology from science fiction, whose potential will be realized years or even decades from now. But Language Intelligence is a technology that has real applications for today's intelligent enterprise. It holds the potential to transform the business operating model in technical, medical, and scientfiic fields. Sorcero is taking the latest advancements in AI for understanding language and applying them to workflows in insurance, life science, financial, and other STEM-based industries. In this way, Sorcero is deploying AI to achieve digital trasformation for our customers today, not years down the line.  

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