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September 17, 2020

A “Human In The Loop” AI Solution That Empowers Experts

Certain types of AI struggle to adjust to unexpected change. An investigation in Nature notes that many scientists view AI systems as “fundamentally brittle,” describing them as “brilliant at what they do until, taken into unfamiliar territory, they break in unpredictable ways.” While the technology may someday reach a point where it can seamlessly incorporate sudden deviations from its baseline assumptions, most AI models are not there yet. The reality is that pattern recognition is not the same as understanding, which has important implications for business investment.

Learn More About The Language Intelligence Platform for Mission-Critical Workflows in Life Sciences

AI is a powerful tool, but it cannot accommodate the level of uncertainty we are currently experiencing on its own. The AI solutions capable of providing enterprises with the shortest path to digital transformation are the ones that enable human workers to operate more effectively, not the ones that seek to replace them entirely. At a time when so many workflows are being reconfigured, it’s important for enterprises to focus on investments in AI technology that augments the capabilities of individual employees who will continue to be in their home offices for the foreseeable future. Facing a whole new set of challenges posed by operating remotely, employees need technological solutions that enable them to function at a high level.

The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform offers this type of “human in the loop” solution for enterprises that deal in large volumes of technical, regulatory, and scientific content. Within many enterprises, legacy data processing systems involve manual review of internal forms. Compliance procedures are reliant on side-by-side comparisons of various regulatory and guideline documents. Workers with extensive knowledge of their industry are forced to spend a significant portion of their time laboriously extracting necessary information from various types of documents critical to their workflow.  

Sorcero’s Language Intelligence Platform removes the obstacles to efficiency, creating a more intelligent process for understanding large volumes of text. An expert and an AI together can accomplish things that no human or machine could do on their own. The platform scales to technical teams in a way that reduces error and increases the speed of work. Language Intelligence allows employees with extensive knowledge to focus on high-level tasks, transforming technical content from a time-consuming burden into a highly accessible digital asset. At a time when workflows are undergoing a profound realignment due to social distancing precautions, Sorcero’s Language Intelligence applications offer a competitive advantage that empower teams to accomplish stretch goals while providing the flexibility of a platform that meets their needs.

The above is an excerpt from the Sorcero white paper "Five Ways That Language Intelligence Can Achieve Digital Transformation For The Remote Workorce." You can download the full paper here. 

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