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October 06, 2020

Language Intelligence Provides Contextual Understanding Adaptability

With workers isolated from each other and tech support, it’s more important than ever for newly adopted AI tools to be accessible and user-friendly. The adaptability of Sorcero’s Language Intelligence Platform is built into its very framework, which can be configured to create custom solutions. The platform is designed to be flexible, making it easier for enterprises to come up with their own ways of building a greater understanding of the mission-critical content.

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If you think of the Language Intelligence Platform as a pantry that contains all the raw ingredients of text data, the platform’s tools and utilities serve as the utensils that mix and combine those unrefined elements. To help with the process, the platform’s pre-built application templates act as recipes so that the ingredients come together in the right way. 

Sorcero makes its adaptable Language Intelligence technology available through low-code and no-code interfaces. These tools provide employees of both technical and non-technical backgrounds with direct access to all levels of the Language Intelligence Platform, creating the opportunity for sharing expertise independent of the role one may play within the enterprise. Every worker can build off their own expertise, seamlessly integrating the information in their head with the massive amounts of data stored on an enterprise’s servers. The ability to amend Sorcero’s platform without needing to redesign the code means employees can experiment with how to deploy Language Intelligence in creative ways. This ultimately creates new efficiencies that develop organically as human expertise and Language Intelligence technology work in tandem.

The integration of new technologies can prove challenging in the best of times. And it’s especially difficult when everyone is working from a home on a computer that the IT department can’t physically access. Enterprises seeking to achieve digital transformation of their business during the work-from-home era will need technological solutions that have the flexibility to expeditiously incorporate into their existing systems. The Sorcero Language Intelligence Platform is not only a uniquely powerful AI, it also offers the versatility for timely adoption. 

Once integrated into workflow, the benefits of Sorcero’s technology only grow over time. The LI platform adapts to the team members who are utilizing it, learning from each interaction. The platform builds an understanding of context as it acts as an intermediator of information and insights, enhancing the platform’s ability to augment human expertise. Enterprises that take action to digitally transform their business while their workforce is operating remotely will emerge from the other side of the pandemic better poised for growth.

The above is an excerpt from the white paper "Five Ways That Language Intelligence Can Achieve Digital Transformation For The Remote Workorce." You can download the full paper here. 

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